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Short-term love

Lena asked for a towel. I gave her my spare and Terry sheets that served me a blanket in the hot Bulgarian night, in the bargain. Stepping out of the shower, she immediately fell back on the bed, took off her head with a towel, and terry bed sheet down on the lower back. "You promised me a massage," - she said playfully. Her legs ached, and prepend it back. I, however, was not even funny. I was eager to touch her. Again, it would hold. I wanted to feel the ripple of her body. My hands went up from the waist to the shoulders, taking the once entirely her slender body into his hands grasp. Then my hands have I not obeyed. They descended from the armpits to the Lena's breast, embraced her, began to fondle. Her body helpfully bent, letting my affection. Lena leaned on his head, rising above the bed. Wet hair fell on the pillow and mattress, completely hiding, so her face. I pressed his chest against her back, and began madly, as if afraid to miss, kissing her neck, shoulders, shoulder blades. A hand swept over her body, exploring, caressing, arousing.

Oh, he knew how to make! I felt from the first moment because of his passion and experience of his hands. I forgot about the whole date. About the rain, about the massage. I melted into the sensations. I wanted only one thing, that it does not end. Against the wall, oblakotivshis back on the pillow, it was more convenient. I wanted to caress it incessantly, and I did it as she could. He had unruly hair, the tips of my fingers touched his mouth, nose, eyes, as though tested for sensitivity. I so wanted to know everything about him! I stroked his neck, shoulders, and I take great pleasure, and he reacted to the touch, like a taut string. His chest, back, buttocks. How nice to know that now this man - my. My body does not obey me, it belonged to him. And I prepend chest under his arms, I pressed her hips to his stomach and felt his passion, and blood pulsation in the body pressed against my legs.

Gradually the seething passion spilled over into violent affection, and then gave way to a measured petting. I wanted to give her everything he could, all that he could, and everything whatever she wished. I've been kissed her breasts, because noticed that she was very much like the caresses. Then I slowly kissed his stomach, moved to her bosom. She did not let my tongue get there, maybe it was a novelty? But then her moans, twists and sobs were my reward for persistence. Suddenly she pulled away and asked a direct question, looking into my eyes: "Do you want to cum I Or do you want to we left off?" I was ashamed that all the attention focused on her alone. She, too, had my body. And then, I'm not used to women with high temperament. Usually, I have a long time to warm up their partners, so that later we will have a climax. I do not doderzhival often to such a distant final. Now it was a fairy tale!

His touch was gentle and intense and at the same time. When Jack came to oral sex, I froze, and then completely surrendered to the authorities of sensations: Do not say that often I practiced them to him, but now it was phenomenal. I had to tell my wife that if he wants us to get to orgasm together, it is not worth doing my only one. I slipped on a mattress with a pillow and pulled him to her. He carefully lay down on top of, not just lowering your weight on me, moved her hips to me, carefully prepared to enter. I helped him. And then it was dissolved. I completely lost control of himself.

It did not spend long in the missionary position. A few minutes later Lena turned over on his stomach. When I entered her in this position, she began to slowly rub his hips on the bed. I realized that Lena needed. I eased her task. With one hand I lifted her hips, the other slipped under them, promoted my fingers far down until he reached the overheated womb. Lena gratefully pressed her hips to my hand. She began to move faster. Moaning is not constrained, and has moved rather in the lamentations. From time to time her body ran cramp, I felt the whole surface of his body pressed against her. This reaction it has got me mad. Then I could not hold back. My hips began to move at a breakneck pace.

Eugene was very strict, he knew everything, and I was eternally grateful to him for that. His attention and habitual posture made me a crazy speed closer to the top. Only at the last moment, I remembered that we are not sheltered. Not in time, but I had to tell him about it. I saw that Jack is no longer able to say anything. What he could - just to get out of me. I was eternally grateful to him for that. His sperm flowed to me on the shoulder, arm, hip. I quickly turned to him to take advantage of the situation. Today (the stars formed?) Was the day swept away and systems and rules. Before that I had never tasted the taste of the male seed. Now, in love with this wonderful man, twenty-nine years old, in his prime, this charming, strong, courageous, but also gentle, I felt that this is the right time for another new experience in life. I held up the lips and mouth under his eruption. Not to say that I liked it. I was disappointed, but did not regret what was done. After all, in life you have to "try" all!

We lay there, leaning on my polutorospalke, steamed "exercise our" tired and satisfied. Sluggish tech talk. Lena asked me personal questions. I am also interested in her biography. Suddenly Lena asked, with her characteristic bluntness: "Jack, are you married?". What could I answer her? As explained in one sentence that I married, having a passion for the love that we have for a long time with his wife cooled off each other. How to explain that my family life is more like a rare series of meetings between the two men, united only stamp in their passports, but the daughter of two years. Yes, perhaps the life of a device for the non-existent de facto family.

- "Yes" - and could only utter self. The conversation went on and on. We have something else said, asked some questions, but already it was not. The spark that erupted between us, zatlevala until it faded completely. I felt it, I wanted to do something, say something incredibly important. To all returned. That all came out, as it had begun. But, alas, all my attempts were pathetic and vain attempts. After some time, Lena zasobiralas. She said she will not allow the thought that her neighbor may observe its absence for at least one night. They are all one work from one town. That something is gossip! Yes, and yet it has enough facilities. We broke up again into her camp. Lena returned my jacket, which I accompanied her. We agreed to meet on the beach at the same place in the late morning of the day has arrived.

All my vague but blissful emotions, romantic hopes for relations with Eugene went out, bumping into a cruel reality. What could unite me with him, we have such similar, but so far apart? I - in Belarus, he - in Russia, and even in the Caucasus! His study - in Bulgaria, my work - on the border with Lithuania. Its prospects in Europe, and my halfpenny career at customs. And most importantly, once redeemed my Senses, like a bucket of water on the fire, he and his family, and then who am I? - Razluchnitsa? I endured the pain, the unbearably dull pain, which happens only by heart disappointments. Now I wanted only one thing - time to withdraw from this very quickly, went to term, then it's time that heals all wounds. The pain was enough.

In the morning I could not find it on the spot, her group too. I searched the entire beach. Lena was not. The camp told me that their group left for two days in Istanbul. One day I started my externship at the institute. Once a week I was trying to find Lena, but all the time there were barriers to me to see her. Ten days later, I learned that her team departed for home.


January 2006


Machinery headlong raced past her. It was a little surprising. After all, even some 2:00 back any machine has to stop and not willing to pay any attention to respectability guys jumped out of them and, wagging their tails like a yard dog, sensing bitch jumped and whirled around her. Such knew her husband, children and work colleagues - high brown-haired woman with short hair, wearing elegant business suits and wearing high heels from Frank Fere. She was vice-president of one of the capital companies. But it was all day. All this was in a world ruled by men, where it should be laid out like a buffalo that plowing under the sun in the scorching heat, and at the same time always be fresh and without the slightest sign of fatigue on the face.

Night. It is time when everything in the city is changing, regardless whether or not the city is great. Especially in Washington. The combination of vice and lust, embodied in the female flesh, standing on the sidelines, and unsuccessfully tried to stop the car. But somewhere in a hurry, without noticing it. Although it's pretty amazing. It was hard not to notice. From the former luxury and elegant grace was gone. She was dressed in a skirt suit of black leather. From under the skirts neatly adorned with two long slender blades in black stockings, the edge of which barely peek out from under the hem, exposing part of the thigh. Perhaps the only clothing items that remain from its daytime image, were all the same luxury high-heeled shoes. High shape of their shoes delightful way emphasized a slender lifting her legs, forcing to strain every muscle calves and thighs.

She had medium sized breasts. About this talk, she placed her hands. No more no less. It was tight in leather jumpsuit under which was a white topic, rather than resembling a small T-shirt, bra and shapeless. Makeup was barely visible because of exceptionally expressive features of his face. The ears, for a place in day-modest, but very expensive sapphire earrings were two simple SILVER ring epic proportions. In a word, nothing distinguishes it from modern, uniformly dressed, idly wobbly youth.

She glanced at her watch. It was exactly eleven. Away sowed light free taxi, and she again raised her hand hopelessly. The taxi slowly stopped beside her. Her route was in the "Trinity" club.

"Trinity" The club was completely new club, located not far from City Hall. Near the entrance is already crowded in anticipation of the grace of bouncers, in whose hands were red separation line, opening the gates to the heavenly delight, the gateway to the world of temptations, full of ecstasy and trance. It is not the first time has already been here and had time to get acquainted with the "useful" people. In her hands was a pass-out, opening the door to the abyss of incredible sensations. The hall was full of smoke and muted light. Only the laser beams, like arrows pierced it periodically. People were, perhaps, more than the outside. All seats at the bar were occupied. Along the walls were tables, separated from each other by only a small parapet. Someone was smoking a cigarette, sipping a gin and tonic, someone tried to seal the girls.

She walked over to the bar and ordered a B-52. The waiter deftly mixed all components of this deadly cocktail and held the match. Flames broke out, and glass turned into a volcano, the crater of which rose up his fire burning tongues. They were reflected in her eyes glowing from the light. They could see the whole ardor of her nature, the heat of which was ready to incinerate all around. Deft movement waiter put out the flames, and she took the first sip. The warm trickle of this unusual cocktail swept her tongue. She rolled her eyes, as if making an inhaling marijuana cigarette. Only an instant cocktail lingered in her mouth, and then he was warming her throat and chest. Another sip. She turned and looked around the hall its passionate look like a vampire, it chooses its victim. It seemed that she knew hunted.

Her eyes immediately focused on the high brunette with beautiful curly hair. He stood in front of a slender mulatto and something she explained, with her hands clasped together. It was more like not to explain and to justify. The next moment, a mulatto, who kept calm and seemed relaxed, in spite of the stormy speech guy slapped a resounding slap to him and grabbed her purse and ran out of the club.

Like fire, something burned her face. It is as if his fingers felt the mulattos. She felt hot, heat rolled from cheek on the back to the legs. Fire Cocktail Now seemed glacier. The guy still minutes standing at a loss, seeing his companion ran away from the room. She put the glass on the counter and lit a cigarette. All this is done without taking your eyes off the dark hair. Graceful slipped from a high bar stool, she walked toward him. Her steps had confidence and firmness. But at the same time, her gait was graceful and airy. She approached him. He still did not see it. How to lie in wait for their prey panther it made its way to him without taking his eyes from him. Another step. Last. Without saying a word, she took his hand and dragged him along. Before he knew it, he was in the toilet.

cabin door closed. A gentle, but firm push she planted it on the lid down. He still did not understand. He looked at her wide-eyed. She, legs wide apart and slightly cocked, tight her passionate hip skirt she sat on his lap. Her arms wrapped around his neck like a anaconda. A moment later he felt her hot and wet tongue slipped past the lips and teeth, already wound around his tongue. Long and slender fingers dug into his hair. She grabbed them and abruptly tore him away. Like two burning needles pierced his eyes. It was her withering look. It was not the same look with which she approached him. Widely open eyes glistened and sparkled. They devoured it all, devoured him whole. He parted his lips slightly. This movement did not go unnoticed.

She barely touching, licked them. Hands unclenched her hair and began to slowly slide on broad shoulders luxurious male figure. She changed the direction of movement of the hands, and here they are already on it to the extent of an inflated chest. His nipples were excited and clearly visible through the white silk shirt. She found them and gently squeeze easily. No matter how thin was not a shirt, it can not convey the warmth and sense of touch to the body. For the male body. In one motion she tore her on it, and its beautiful view on a man's chest, sensitively delineated muscles lines. Two neat excited nipple crowned each half of it. Below viewed flawless press strictly lined with squares on. Yes, he was watching his body. He held three times a week for two hours in the gym. There was not a woman who would not want to even touch his beautiful body and elastic. And now it was in her hands.

He gently lowered the straps of her overalls, exposing his chest heaving, which is simply escaping from a close topic. His hands slipped under it, and one motion was withdrawn by topic. Her hands were trembling with excitement. But she still managed to unzip his pants. Yurka snake hand slipped to where already emanated a feeling of power and strength. Yes, she was right. He was mighty everywhere. Meanwhile, his hands are completely lifted her skirt, under which there was nothing. Neatly shaven like an arrow pointing to it on the spot where he desires, at the place that awaits him. Two hollow near an attractive mound of Venus beckoned him. He touched him the middle finger, and then slowly but surely the movement slipped between his legs. Exciting it no longer made sense. She was already so excited to the limit. Her clitoris is increased in size and protruded bumps in the way of his fingers.

With two fingers, he plunged into the womb of vice. After a few movements of his fingers, he brought her to the already extracted its member, which she passionately caressed with both hands. A second later his head caressed her labia. She was not in a hurry, trying to stretch it a devilish pleasure. But her trembling legs gave way and buckled. She completely fell upon him. He penetrated deeply into her flesh. From the pleasure she bit her lip. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath :. Their movement was crisp and rhythmic. They are fully absorbed the element of passion. Their blood was animal instinct.

He slams the bathroom door. From the hall came the sound of music. It is an incredible way to fall into the rhythm of their movements, which are becoming faster and faster. Her chest was at the level of the mouth. She pressed his head to her. Passionately glaring at her nipples, while he was biting and tickling them. Holding them with your fingers, it became easy to pinch them, meanwhile penetrated his tongue between her breasts. From there he began his climb up the steep slopes to the crater of her neck, published inhuman moan. Glaring in her ardent lips, he took her by the buttocks. He held her as tightly as possible to him.

Traffic increased. The breath was short. She closed her eyes and let out a frantic groan. They stood in a fixed position. Like the vine, they braided each other's hands. Like Rodin sculpture in white marble is a statue, which is the pinnacle of passion and pleasure, sat motionless for a few minutes. They frantically clung to each other. But even such sweet moments ever end. It was late and they :.

It was already 2:00. She rushed into a taxi home. Tomorrow should come from California husband and children. She leaned her head on the side window. Before her eyes slipped bright and luminous advertising signs. But they seemed to her black-and-white compared to those colors that were painted a moment when she held the man, when he possessed it. Dressing cabinet, not the bed was an easel, their fingers rather than a brush of the artist - that's what created the now unforgettable picture at night that will forever remain in their memory. What other paintings create this little cabin. Who else will it an indispensable tool for recreating your hidden fantasies.

He, She just sex

Perhaps in the beginning I supposed to tell a little about them. It is - an ordinary married woman, tired of life, of the same sex from time to time, in general, took her family life :, like novelty, new thrills. He - too ordinary married man, who wanted to diversify his sexual life, which seized the monotony. (Another addition:. It - most women terribly romantic, sensitive and vulnerable, he has the same - sanity foreground) They met quite banal. Their eyes met and burned each other with their sexual energy and madly wanted at that moment to be in bed with each other.

A dark room. He approached her from behind and kissed her on the neck, not coping with desire, she turned and their lips have merged in a passionate kiss, she kissed him on the neck, chest, playing its elastic tongue with every segment of his body, slowly sinking to him: he I have been quite resilient, really wanted to try it all. After a tongue along its length, she abruptly took him all over, squeezing his lips and began to rhythmically swallow, licking his head, deeper and deeper, he groaned with impatience, picked her up and throwing her legs to your hips went into her warm and wet girl. Gently, smoothly, sometimes rough and deep. Heart pounding to the beat of their movements. He opened it and stepped back, deeper and sharper, deeper and sharper: sweet languor overtook them together last movements softer and softer in gratitude to each other.

And the work again. Aloof look, solid thinking about him and about sex, pleasant, but at the same time useless condition, it is impossible to pull yourself together and start to do things which her husband, a parent meeting at the school in the child. Well, that day has passed quickly. Running to meet him.

The car, the back seat, she on it. He casually unbuttoned her blouse, getting to her gentle and trembling chest. His lips slid down her body, greedily biting, tongue could not stop playing with her nipples. Fingers groped her clit and wet hole, he could not control himself, hugging them to her body. His hands and more confident caressing her pussy. She moaned: He pushed her little panties and plunged into it a resilient member. She moved to him slowly and gently in a circular motion, he replied to her beat. They merged in one breath, movement clearer, stronger. His fingers quickly and rhythmically caressing her clitoris and ...

Work, home, family: work and back home, family. All: sleep sleep, tomorrow will come and see her.

His lips passionately kissing her excited body, chest, tummy, arms gently open her wet charm, his tongue touched the swollen clitoris: groan hands slide from one hole to another, the tongue plays harder and faster: the orgasm closer, breath more often: moan. She dreams that he stabbed her. It is the top, back to him, smooth motion, he caressed her back, he enters deeper and deeper into it, it is ready to fill it with his rapture. She touches his lips, takes it all, takes a sharply rhythmic and deeply felt ... the taste of its eruption and greedily lapped up the remaining droplets with his head.

And everyday life again. Those who work, who have family affairs. But thinking more and more about each other, those minutes do not forget the sex. It is necessary to think and - chill in the abdomen. Only after all will someday end of this story. To destroy relationships built over the years - is terrible. And there a future for these relations? But sometimes it is so nice to live in a world of passion and sex. These points are a lot.

Honey, you fucked our car? Oddities

- I can pay for this beauty in a loan?

- Of course. You need to go to UNV.

Having finished with the formalities, he happily fell out of the car dealership. Outside, it has a couple of question-reproachful eyes:

- Judging by the smile from ear to ear, you've bought it, eh?

He just nodded.

- Oh, Bill, but it's not a waste of timely! You know perfectly well we still have not closed a loan for a home, and besides ...

- Kathy, everything will be easy-horosho.A Preben he smiled dreamily tomorrow car of his dreams will be in his garage.

Just think about it! He drove the same in his stall of "Mustang"!

The next day, Bill was full of cases: several meetings and numerous telephone conversations.

He came back only late at night, cursing the boss for having had to stay in the office.

He was hungry as hell, and Kathy was not there.

Bill went to the kitchen to find something to eat. There was a note on the table:

"Honey, I was tired and went to sleep. The remnants of a hot microwave.

P.S. They took the car, it is in the garage. "

"The car today brought her. How could I forget ..."

Nastoroenie instantly rose and hastily eaten, Bill went to the garage to inspect your new purchase.

The car was really good, powerful beast classic. It was about this he wanted more from the school times.

Bill stroked "Mustang" on the steel side, "Yeah, if the college he had the" horse "- he thought-all the girls would be mine Yes, and confidence would increased..

How I envied Collin Fontaine that his father lent him a car and he could fuck her in as much as you would like! "

Bill smiled: "If I knew how much his father elastic girls' asses have visited in the back seat of his car seat ... And it just made for a piece of ass girly!"

Bill opened the door, patted the driver's seat, testing its strength. Then he walked around the car and plopped down on the passenger seat. I imagined the girl, which he carries to the dance, and then relish fucks in this close, but this sex machine ...

Bill closed his eyes and ran his hand over the skin seats. Vooyurazhenie helpfully drew him strrynoe girl's thigh. He again stroked the soft surface is now clearly posing as a female leg irons .. He held up his hand, and it seemed to him that he was the edge of her panties beneath his fingers.

Bill felt excited. He put his hand on his pants and squeezed the testicles through a dense fabric of jeans. As sweet shiver ran through the body ...

Bill tilted his head to his shoulder and inhaled the scent of leather. He reminded him of the flavor ready for copulation women.

Representing he bares his chest Virtual girl, Bill unzipped his zipper and pulled out of his pants his penis grew up in ...

At this time, the top Kzhtti woke up from sleep and looked at the clock.

"Hmm .. polodinnadtsatogo. Bill have long had to come."

Concerned, she slipped out of bed, slipped his feet into slippers and hurried down.

In the kitchen, she found dirty dishes and a folder with papers.

"Then he came .. but where do zapropastilsya?"

Looking around the room, Katie noticed that Bill's jacket on the ground. "It is strange, where he could go at nightfall and without top ode ... go! New mashtna! Well, of course, where it is still to be!"

And she went into the garage.

Up and down, up and down ... Bill's fingers moved on a busy trunk up and down, revealing, concealing the head. Periodically he ohazhival fingers eggs, sperm nalivshiesya. Oh, how excited it authority over this zealous crumbs, the ability to put pressure on the gas and let it at full speed, the roar of its engine, the smell of the cabin ... How easily with a car to impress women! Now he's a ranger, a real Texas cowboy!

The thought of their own masculinity provoke Bill and he began to move his hand faster. The growl escaped from his chest. penis blushed and suffused with blood, breath quickened, eggs pursed and looked like balls ping-pong table. It was close to orgasm, but hoted prolong the pleasure. Therefore, slow motion hand and I decided to string up more fantasy.

Bill turned to face the back of the passenger seat, leaned close to him so that the member was trapped, and began to rub on the skin soft, heated seats.

He rubbed his cheek against the headrest as budtoeto female breast. even licked his posing as licking swollen pink nipples .. oschuschueniya were indescribable, and to the extent that, as soon as the skin of an upholstery member rubbing the skin with ribs on her joints, all the excitement of Bill narostalo ..

Kathy quietly went downstairs, opened the garage door .. About Bill car was not, but she could see in his blue jeans. Coming closer, she saw that the Bill is in a strange, uncomfortable position, knees resting on the front passenger seat ... and only came very close, Kathy realized-he fucking car!

The door on the driver side was open, and she heard a muffled groan Bill.

He growths pace, now he just fucked furiously back as if trying to erase it to the holes. He was attacked by some kind of unrestrained, wild passion, and a minute later he was discharged a thick stream of turbid-white liquid. Sighed with relief, feeling like spreads throughout the body posleorgazmennye bliss and completely exhausted, hung on the headrest, encircling his arms.

"You're fucking our new car!"

Bill shuddered all over, so suddenly there was this cry over his right ear.

"Katie ?! What are you doing here?" - He asked, dumbfounded.

"Is that you, hell doing here ???" -. Soared to his wife, "You are to spend the last of our money on this pile of iron, to be engaged in the quiet fucked some love to her ?? Yes, you did a month you're tired, then you have to get up early! .. And it means that there was a time ?! you're just a pervert !! "

Looking at the flushed, emanating wrath wife, Bill, whether being more excited, or just look at it as something new, thought she was very sexy in this simple cotton shirt, and that the breast it is very touching to shine, and the nipples I stood up, probably from the cold ...

Without a word, he grabbed her arm and pulled into the cabin, pinned to a chair and stared at her lips. Katie gasped in surprise and indignation, began to break out, but Bill pressed the more strongly it in the back. With one hand, suppressing its resistance, and the other he tried to push her legs. Kathy bite and struggled no joke. Apparently, seen greatly enraged her. But Billl did not pay attention to it. He was able to bend her legs dissolve and lift up her shirt so that it was possible to reach the chest and began to knead it, biting her nipples. At this time, he found her hole and with the power of your finger to get screwed. And Katie, freed from his greedy mouth, began to shout:

"You! What are you doing with me ?? You're crazy! Just nutty crazy !!! Let me go !!"

But Bill is not as heard. He instilled the middle finger deeper and deeper, touching the clitoris and large. Breast Kathy was right in his face and he could suck them freely, pochmokivaya as a hungry child.

Resistance Kathy slightly weakened. She was tired and now only periodically shoved it into grud- "Get away from me!", But otbrykivatsya feet. But Bill has only strengthened the attack. He began to kiss her neck and lips, penetrating deep into his hot tongue, taking aim at this time how to insert his penis.

He could not get space to steering almost was not, and he unfolded Kathy, pulled up her legs. Slits it open and he saw that Katie too excited and her pussy lips invitingly moist. Then he aimed and-pasted from the eggs. Katie gasped and leaned forward in her eyes was read lust. She grabbed his hand and he felt she dug her nails into his back. Bill began diligently batter. At every jolt, the car shuddered and this movement was given chest Katie, who also trembled She tilted her head back and opened her mouth voluptuously moaned.

Bill tried to give pleasure to his wife and to make amends: he is hollowed in the rhythm of a jackhammer, then slowed the tempo and almost pulling cock head teased the entrance to her vagina. He twisted his hips so that the member was rotated within it, alternately touching all the walls of her norochki. And the entrance, entryway, .. And Katie, overexcited, to limit grabbed at his elastic, natrenerovannye buttocks and moaning in the vote. Bill kept on Kathy at arm's length and they soon become numb, so Bill slipped out of his wife-she blankly looked at him through a veil of unsatisfied desire osolovevshim nedotrahannoy cat eyes, but he just slapped her bottom on the ass and made it clear that it is necessary to turn over. She was all trembling with excitement, prevernulas clumsily and with difficulty squeezed between the wheel and the seat. It turned out that it was shrimp and pussy it was just above the lever box-and Transmission Bill had an idea: he turned the lever in the upright position and forwarded it to the clitoris Kathy, and he sat up on his knees and brought his friend in this hot, wet-schёlku movement from his arm and jerked Katie rode on its hillock. Bill began to increase the pace and from a double stimulation Kathy was delighted, she arched her back, and she became podmahivat ass to meet members of the movement, pressing to the pubis in the arm. Round tip was already covered in her juice as she trembled all over and squeezed member Bill inside, emitting a sweet moan. But Bill was not ready, he was on the way. Accelerate the pace to the limit, he bored Katie, clutching her ass and prolonging her orgasm. And, after a few seconds of furious shake, he finally ended violently, growling and shivering. Kathy squeezed especially the vagina, trying to strengthen his feeling, and felt inside her throbbing member Bill and from rend sperm.

To take out Bill was in no hurry, enjoying the sensations, and Katie sat down on elbows sticking out his ass up.

"It was ... velikolepno.-flipping, she said Ketti.-As before, if not better."

Bill smiled smugly.

"But you're not just fucking car, you fucked my car!" - Feigned eyes wide, Kathy exclaimed.

"So I still have not bought it for nothing." - Bill and smiled even wider.

Returning from Yalta

I stood up. Nicholas did not sit down and standing up, taking her head planted on dick and began to fuck. I took her ass and put her standing too slowly began. She helped us podmahivaya its gorgeous ass. Each time her orgasm occurs faster. And so it almost immediately start to finish. I felt it to reduce the muscles in her ass and it was greatly pleased. I started to change the alternate location. Minutes in the ass for a minute in her pussy.

And she sometimes stopping, by Nicholas shouted:

- Fuck, fuck my son, my mom. What a sweetie dick in my son.

And Nicholas, leaning over her, squeezed her breast, gasped with pleasure.

- Fuck me, mom, fuck my dick, and then I lick your pussy.

Apparently he thought it so much that he fell to the floor and crawled to her pussy and began to really lick her, inserting his fingers inside. I felt them through the thin partition. She howled stronger. Apparently she liked it.

- Oh, my son, how well do you lick your mom ...

Orgasms shook her, which were transferred to me, I was on the verge. Taking dick in ass, I walked up to her front and inserting it into his mouth twitched began to finish several times.

As the Vovkina place.

- A play, play well, like a little girl. Put on your apron, and a little white bow tie. Vovka ripped sheets.

Lena immediately took off. He escapes into the bath, and there came out ten minutes later in the apron, built from a piece of sheet with a large bow on her head. Apron was purely symbolic: two straps joined at the abdomen with a small piece of white cloth, lightly covered her pussy. She looked very sexy. To complete the picture, she held one finger in the mouth.

Vovk jumped up and rushed to her.

- My daughter, how beautiful you are, come on, I'll show you my pussy.

- Show me want to see Daddy. Hurry - she stamped her foot. And also let them show the uncle.

Vova led her to the bed, holding the ass, I sat down, took the dick in his hand.

- Here, it is called dick, if you kiss him, it would be hard and long. And I want to see your pussy.

She lifted her apron.

- Ёёёёёёbtvoyu maaaat - bellowed Vovk. A small girl pussy overgrown. Lively shave.

We, flattering him, took her in his arms and carried him into the bath. We put her and quickly shaved her pussy. When brought back Vova was lying.

- Show me.

She lifted her apron.

- Now a different matter. I recognize my daughter a little pussy. Come to me, my girl, I'm pleased to make today.

He put her in the position 69 and started to lick her pussy.

- You like it?

- Oh Daddy, as well. My feet already numb.

- Take in the mouth my dick.

She immediately went and smacked.

Her ass was sticking up so invitingly that Serge could not stand it and went.

- What a beautiful ass the girl. Now I'll put her finger. Want girl Helen finger in the ass?

- Oh, uncle, hochuuuu ...

Serge immediately drove her finger in the ass and whirled them.

- Aaaaammmmmyyyyy - she wailed.

Klim could not stand crawled in front and began to poke her in the mouth, where there was a dick Vova.

She took in her mouth and Vovkin. Her cheeks were swollen. She could not scream and just mumbling.

Nicholas came from the side and began to rub by a dick on her chest.

I sat and watched and pondered what else to invent. As it otebat.

She, meanwhile, had finished over again, pulling ass fingers toward earrings and cuddling by a pussy to mouth Vova.

Finally, Klim Vovka steel finish, grunted and splashed her sperm in her mouth. She did not have time to swallow and sperm dripping out of her mouth.

- Oh uncle, as you become tired me well, she wailed, falling to one side.

- It has not yet become tired - I jumped. Now I'll play the virgin break.

- Like this?

- Inserted his dick into your pussy.

- He is so big. I'm afraid. He did not go down.

- Go down, you just spread your legs wider.

She, taking the game, lay on her back and spread her legs wide.

I stuck to it, and it squeaked zaderagalas. Turning it on its side, I knelt down, missing one leg it between his legs, and the other on his shoulder, one hand placed on her chest and the other on her ass squeezing thigh and became a force to pull it, then inserted a finger into her pussy in the aid of his dick, so fuck, and then took his finger and put it in the ass and fucked her as a force pulling over. In order not to idle her mouth, Serge put her and taking his head began to fuck her in the head.

Throbbing Ass told me that she gets an orgasm after orgasm.

Sometimes, taking her mouth from Seregina dick, she moaned:

- Oh uncle, blyaaaad as well. Oh, Jam. Blyaaaad, blyaaaaaaad ...

No longer able to restrain myself with Sergey, we finished almost simultaneously. I told her in the pussy, and earrings in your mouth. Again she licked us and went to the shower.

Forces already at anybody was not. We were all silent.

When he returned, she, too, fell.

- Boys, well-how. If you have no more desire, then I am entitled to fantasy?

They all agreed. Of course, it does. After all, she is now also a member of our team.

- You know, I read a story about a woman with a dog and he got me aroused. I would like to try.

- No problem, - jumped Serge - minute.

All came to life, and Sergei, dressed and ran out of the apartment. He lived in the same stairwell, and he was a handsome dog, marble. Huge olds. In less than five minutes like Serge back driving on a leash Jim. Jim does not happen again in this apartment and so on prudently lay down on the carpet in anticipation of food, as always, was in the apartment for him. Nicholas brought him a piece of sausage, tossed, Jim caught it on the fly and swallowed, but clanged teeth, and faithfully looking in the eyes of all, was licking his lips.

- What a beautiful dog. Want. I have all of CURRENT.

Lena went to Jim.

- Can I poglazhu it?

- You can, - said Serge. The dog raised. Without command does nothing.

Helen knelt beside Jim and began stroking it.

- What a good dog, a beautiful you, Jim. I want you.

She stroked Jim both hands, hugged him, pressing, do not forget about the member. Once appeared pink head, she lay down on the floor and took a member of Jim's mouth. Jim froze. Like it seems. Member in front of growing, growing to enormous sizes. She had held it in both hands, and to cover it completely, probably would not be enough and two of her hands. And Jim, lifting his face up began poskulivat sometimes SJSFTC. Lena same burning with desire louder smacked, sucking dick Jim, and the tone of it, too, whines. Just like a bitch. Jim sat down and began to make frictions, as do dogs. Lenka crawled out from under him, stood before him with cancer and Jim, having thrown feet on her back, began to poke at her. She grabbed a very long dick and sent his pussy.

- Oh, scratch - she managed to scream.

Serge got up, threw her blanket on the back. She was nothing to interfere with it, and, at first softly squealing, and then louder and louder has continuously screamed in ecstasy. And Jim fucked her at high speed almost the entire length of dick.

- Oh, cumming, cumming again cumming, konchaaaaaayuuuuuuuu - already seems she has come a wave of continuous orgasms. She howled and shook her head in all directions, all shaking. Sometimes she opened her eyes and they could read the madness, madness and fun animal savagery.

Jim fucked her for about fifteen minutes, then howled and jerked. He finished. And when he began to whip the cum in her pussy, she has all blown away with pleasure and she fell on her side, unconscious. And Jim paused for a few seconds, stood on all paws, came to her pussy and began sniffing, and then lick it.

- She shuddered, opened her eyes. They were at it like a drunk. Muddy and not seeing anything. Gradually began to clear, she began to recover and understand what is happening. I looked down.

- Oh Dzhimushka as I love you - see how he licks her pussy, she began to sing. Let me kiss your dick too. I began to unfold it. She grabbed his hands still sticking dick, put in his mouth and began to lick it.

- What is good, what a great. My favorite. Love love. she whispered.

We looked into my eyes for a while. Here is a woman. Sexuality as a thousand together. Insatiable. Ready to fuck anytime.

- Well, like, satisfied now? - I asked.

- Yes, boys. For one night, almost all their fantasies realized. And somebody else wants?

- Go, spoofing, and until we decide.

She ran back into the shower. Stepping out of the shower could be heard as she walked into the kitchen. Hungry.

Now it's my turn. As soon as she entered the room, I shouted to her:

- Get on your knees and crawl to me!

She obediently sat down and crawled on all fours.

- Put on your tights.

She stood up and put them back down on all fours and crawled over to me and looked me in the eyes of the devotees. I took my pants and put them in her mouth.

- Now, lie down on the bed, DELAY highly feet and masturbate.

She obediently complied with my team, I have launched a hand in pantyhose and began to rub the clitoris with your fingers, and the other hand holding my panties licked their language, has put them on the face and noisily inhaled the smell. Her eyes were closed. It is probably something imagined.

- Come on tell me how you feel and what you represent.

- Oh, I always masturbate when I represent: I champion masturbation:

I can imagine how Dzhimushka fuck me in the ass, but you five cocks in my pussy in my mouth and all over my body, I'm all in your huyah. I want, I want: Well, give me a dick in your mouth, I want to suck, I suck all of you, all suck.

I stood up, walked over to her, carefully cut a hole in the pantyhose, and put her hand in her pussy and took her fingers and is also stuck in the pussy. It just pushes them inside and I began with her to do the same. We fucked her together with her own. I put it in his mouth his dick and began to fuck her.

- Tell me more, I commanded.

- I'm in my office. We are locked and you fuck me. How now, my favorite Dzhimushka licking my pussy. And the rest of the boys stood around me and overhang their dicks, but I look at them and I want them all to yourself. Ebite'm with Jim. I want.

Jim felt like, came over and began to lick her pussy. It is from this twitching legs and cried:

- Mmmmmmuuuuuuvauuuuuuuu ....

And the men as she wanted, stood around her and their dicks overhangs, an example of where to stick.

Serge Jim commanded:

- Sit. We raised her and made to kneel behind Jim. She realized that from her hands and want to hug Jim, standing and substituting ass. I immediately went to her and began to fuck. Serge took her head and planted on his dick, and she embraced Jim kissed him, saying:

- Jim, darling, how well I do with you - and about his fur rubbed her breasts.

Oh, blyaaaad how well I do with you

Poor Masha

Elvira and Sergei lived third year of their marriage. The first two were noted nothing remarkable. There was even a wedding with Pirkei with klaksonyaschimi machines with a long veil. We met both of them at the end of his youth. Both are formed with characters and clearly defined attitude to life. Wedding - a farce and a show, they decided among themselves. The money is not going to spend. There was no money, and never will be.

The children, too, have decided to hold off. Sami has not dogulyali, and children should not grow up in poverty. A year after the wedding of their mediocre life has changed dramatically. Seregin friends called him a cushy job at a specialist with fantastic salary for Russia. After six months of construction and tribulations with the apartment, Sergei was able to finally call to his wife on a long cold town.

Life settled back rhythmically. At work, Sergei went to eight by the time shift of the bus near their home. I come back late, when nine when ten. At first there was not even the weekend. Then he began to visit the house on Sundays. Prigolubit wife in such debilitating conditions do not always have the desire.

Elvira just happened, was on her own. Alien city, the lack of friends, lack of jobs, an excess of free time. Initially arranged apartment. Then he tried to get excited about cooking. But it was not for anyone. My husband ate three times a day at work. However, there was mnogoyurodnogo sister relationship. That worked, though, but in the evening all the same happens at home. Elvira ran to her as a girlfriend. And that was supplying its magazines, books, and gossip.

Then, in the house there was a TV. Elvira had a window to the world. However, until now no one to share thoughts about an interesting article or a transfer. Information kopilas in the head, turning into a "library".

In rare Seregin weekend, slept and stay in bed, the couple had sex to exhaustion. As if to make up for all that had not downloaded the previous months. Only the variety of techniques and postures, exquisite in the beginning, it soon became bored set of techniques. Having tried all that was available to the layman imagination, Elvira and Sergei felt in sex robots that perform the same operations in a different sequence.

By and large, each of them lived their lives. Sergey work and communicate with colleagues, Elvira search for how to take your time and find at least some contacts. A rare time together in a single output drove the couple to the different rhythm of life.

But nothing is forever. By the spring, during the frost and deep snow, Sergei got a shorter working day. Now, almost always, he came home at seven-thirty. Sometimes dinner with his wife, or drinking tea. Once never been able to see with "telly". Elvira took her husband to show articles from journals, where her something interesting. Sergey often made fun of her worship of the printed text. A time charter to prove that not all true what they write, his wife brought home from work, "Penthouse".

- For now, read it, there is, at least, do not write, you can believe your eyes !, - he laughed at his own joke.

Elvira, however, was not offended and did not reject her husband's suggestion. A week later I asked, "still the same". The main thing is that she has found herself in it - letters from readers. Those obscure and vague movements of her own body and temperament, which were not apparent to her even years before her marriage, began to take a clear and simple outlines. The journal was written all very frankly to little was given devoted sexual vocabulary. Famous Xavier gave sex advice in thematic articles.

The woman had not thought of the sexual side of marriage, I began to realize that the intimate life of the spouses can not be reduced solely to the regular acts in three stages: oral sex to her oral sex to him, the penetration.


The first change that was noticed in Sergei's wife, it is a clumsy attempt to copy the intimate hair from the model in one of the "penthouse". He laughed, made fun, but it took over. Two weeks later, when again grown hair, he vystrig her beautiful butterfly wings to the upper pubic and lower - embracing the plump outer lips. The process of shearing both extremely aroused, and they are right in the hot tub jets engaged in rough sex.

Some time later his wife unfading interest in matters of sex forced Sergei first seriously think about. After his marriage he left his bachelor life sexual fantasies, their immature ideas about the constant access to the woman. Once captured and whirled life, somehow quickly passed grinding. It was not part of the free time, not enough comfort and relaxation. And because much of their married life is left unsaid, not cleared, and misunderstood.

What happened in the pretty head of his wife? With what thoughts it aroused him with her caresses? What feelings were lurking in her during the act, during the peak? Only now Sergei realized that after more than two years of their marriage is still very poor knowledge of his Elvira. Himself, he said that an urgent need to correct the situation, you should immediately pay attention to the intimate side of their relationship.


All of the following working week after "haircut" in the shower was held with some very gentle and considerate towards each other. With touching confessions and dear memories of the already lived. I came the evening before output. You could take the time to sleep, and on the family tradition in the evening they drank a bottle of wine for a good dinner. Then he lay down on his huge bed, while the former, and a sofa, turned on the TV, got magazines. As often happens, even in the evening of the day there was nothing to look at. Sergei Elvira showed its interesting letters from readers last number "Penthouse".

Sergei in my head trying to obtain an overall picture inclinations wife, analyzing topics and episodes, she often chose to discuss. This complex chess work he conducted for two weeks. Who could know he was moving in the right direction.

- Tell me dear, are you here to me all the time, then it slips, it is read, but that's just letters on paper, in reality, feelings and sensations that possess only those people who lived through it and wrote about it. But if you tried to take these events and try on? Here are just a very vivid to imagine yourself in the place corresponding to the heroine?

- I want to say - Elvira said in a magazine, without turning to her husband, - I want to admit that for a long time I do this. I, in the letters which I especially close, always see yourself. Even often I replay the event as, for example, I would have done it.

- Well, what shall we say, the most you plant? ...

The conversation became more and more intimate, more and more blatant, and most importantly getting more and more exciting. For an hour or even a half, the couple draws psychological intimate portrait of one another. TV, dim and forgotten, gave the screen a movie. The views of the spouses, briefly slipped across the screen, did not stay in the poorly understood actions.

Sergey subtly led his line in the conversation. He recently felt that something was not telling Elvira, somewhat shy to admit it or holding some kind of taboo. Maybe the fear of being misunderstood husband.

He lay on his stomach on the bed, both facing the TV, with the expansion at the edge of the magazines. In Sergei clothes - some underwear, Elvira in a short robe home, which has long lost times, and have not kept his floors. Sergei optional launched under the robe hand and stroked her husband is on the thighs, then on foot, then on the back. At such moments, Elvira approval was applied to the shoulder of her husband cheek and deliberately turned a blind eye, as it were, let's know what encourages these walks hand over her body.

Casually glancing at the screen, Sergei noticed that the film is an erotic coloring, and is just now unfolding sexual episode. He drew attention to the wife of the film, and they began to glance with interest what is happening on the screen. From the beginning, all was not like the same endlessly stereotyped products he caresses her, she does not want, then give in, then captures them both, then the scene with naked boobs and flying up and down the shoulders. The extraordinary story of the film could be seen immediately.

The hero is not caring for the heroine and she had no favors. He snatched it out of everyday life imperiously, roughly, and took her body and her soul piece by piece. Meeting at the entrance of the stairs: he throws it against the wall, hand grips the mouth with his free hand throws her cloak and jacket, tearing her blouse, gets to the chest. She struggles resists it. He suddenly let go of her abruptly, so that it falls, it disappears. In the shop she makes a purchase, he grabs her from behind, pressed her cheek against the wall of a huge refrigerator, as well clamps her mouth, only this time his free hand under the cloak frees her from the skirt and climbs into her panties. Second fight, but it weakens and weakens, then it has no power to resist the growing excitement in it. Just like the first time he throws it abruptly and instantly disappears. She's in the party office. The ladies in elegant dresses and suits, ties peasants to move out. Collective drunk. The heroine goes to a small courtyard with a garden. It appears her rapist lover. He grabs her by the head of hair, throws back her head, she finds him and crying stops in her mouth disclosed. He roughly pulls off her clothes, raped her orally, then he takes it in the vagina. It leaves it to the stone slab exhausted and stripped, humiliated.

My first binding

I dreamed of adolescent women related - related and bare. I was not attracted to the person I was attracted to full bare feet, neatly tied with a rope ...

And one day I decided. I've had to deal with prostitutes, and dialed a familiar brothel me. I was lucky - he said that a "woman" ready to her tied up.

I came into the house and visits took place in the familiar room. Soon came a prostitute. It was familiar to me, her name was Olga, she was 38 years old. She was very skillful, the figure was as I like - complete with folds of fat on the sides and a very large breasts. But what is it I really liked - her beautiful full legs with small feet. She said:

- Well, a pervert, a fetishist legs, now you want to tie me up?

- Highly! - I confessed. - Well, take off your clothes back!

Olya just as I've always liked, without any affectation, free from wear. I, as always, admired her body and especially her bare feet.

- Remove the pants? - Olga asked.

- Do not. I'm not going to untie your legs until we are together, so that they push you still can not.

Olga silently handed me stockings and asked:

- What's next?

- Next - the handle to the back!

She turned, bringing his hands behind his back. I immediately connected them with one of her stockings, so stocking crashed into the delicate skin of the wrists.

- Painfully!

- Money taken - work! Lie down on your stomach, I'll bind your feet.

Olya awkward lay on her stomach and brought his ankles together. I tied their second stocking and went to admire from afar. Finally, my dream came true - me related barefooted woman, stockings, tight cut into her skin white and tender ...

Olya shifted, move your arms and said:

- What's next?

- Wait. I want to admire you ...

I began to stroke Olga throughout the body, kissing her hands bound, her bare feet connected ... Then he began to excite her finger through her panties, sucking on her nipples. Olga quickly excited and twitched in his bonds, but the stockings were strong. Just a couple of minutes - and Olya moaned and came. Panties soaked front ...

- Thank you ... the other would be bound and abused. You will not be fun? - Olga asked timidly.

- What are you ... Just you now have to work. Wait, I bind you in the front hand.

I untied the hands of Ole and preventing stretch my stiff wrist, quickly tied them at the front. Not tight, so that she could move her fingers, but not weak, so that it was still a little painful.

- And then - come as usual, massage, masturbation ...

Olya embarrassed, helping himself bound hands, knelt in front of me and began to massage. Soon I rolled over on my back and my penis began to look at the ceiling, as the count. I was excited for a long time, but Olga knew what to do, so I did not finish ahead of time. Very cleverly related to me she wore a condom.

- Lie still, I'll play your toy ... - she said.

Olga began to rub her breasts on my dick without helping hands. When I am even more excited, she said:

- Probably, the legs want? Related?

- Still would!

Olya sat on his back and deftly grabbed his bare fingers associated my dick legs. She had kicked expertly masturbated me, but she did it for the first time connected. Stocking contracted by her ankles, helping her to adjust the pressure on my penis ... more ... more ... and I'm finished! Sperm rushed into the condom.

- Untie the hands, I'll take off gum - Olya said.

- Take off the case. And do not forget to wipe dry!

Olya deftly as any prostitute, took off my condom without spilling a drop, although her hands were still tied. Now, as usual, we had to relax ...

- Well, you can untie? Hands numb! - She complained.

- Do you agree to be bound by one and a half hours. Work! And bring cigarettes.

- How? My legs are connected!

- Jump or crawl, I do not care.

Awkward jumps to associated legs Olga moved to the door. I heard her dialogue with a friend:

- Jeanne, give me a cigarette - the client requests.

- Olga, let me untie you, at least for a moment - you see, you have traces remain of the stocking! I'll then bind again, honestly ...

- No, Zhannochka he could guess that I was unleashed. Bring a cigarette, I'll wait ... I need to be connected and a half hours.

We see, Jeanne brought cigarettes, because very soon Olya, funny jumping, returned. We sat side by side, I lit two cigarettes, and we relaxed.

- Sore arms and legs? - I asked.

- Very stiff and awful. Look, they are all red ... Oh, please, we have irons, give me the remaining hour they'll stay, oh please !!!

- All right, bring the shackles. But for the fact that you could not be related, I'll risers. Bring a thin strap. Agree? And you do not want, stay connected.

- Do not flogging, please! And do not be connected!

- Well, call Joan. Maybe she agrees to stay connected in your place. If not - then not.

I untied the Olu. She awkwardly on his stiff legs out the door. I heard:

- Zhannochka, please! Total for an hour! I'll give you half the money! Oh, please, I can not!

- Well, Olya ... and it hurts?

- It hurts, but it can be an hour wait.

They both went into the room. Joan was a little thinner Oli, but his legs were too full, beautiful and barefoot.

- Come on, Olga, bind it!

(to be continued

Birthday of Svetlana

sixteenth birthday Svetlana decided to celebrate in a small circle, home for the holiday table. The company was small. Mom Amy - Lida, my mother's friend Alex and herself Light. Lida was dressed in a beautiful red dress shimmering, Alex, as always in a suit with a white shirt and tie .. Light in a beautiful silk blouse white and rigorous black mini skirt .. The atmosphere was festive, everyone was having fun. The evening promised to be good.

Alex poured over the red wine, and said congratulatory speech to the birthday girl's own address and put your neck on Svetlana gift - gold chain with a charm of its guardian angel. Gift Svetlana liked, she was thrilled. It was her first ever gold jewelry. Then came the mother toast and gift Svetlana became gold earrings .. The third toast Light thanked for congratulations and wonderful gifts. Then they drank to family, friendship, health, love and so on, until, until the end of the wine.

The wine has done its job. After the jokes, funny jokes gradually lull. Light sat in a chair and watching television, and his mother, and Alex sitting on the couch, kissing. What they kissed, this was not unusual, they used to kiss at Svetlana, sinking in a long kiss. But today, after drinking wine, they were kissing is much more passionate than usual. Light pay attention to it and no longer watched television and had been fully absorbed by the game of love with Alik Lida. Perhaps they forgot that her daughter was in the room and kissing began to undress each other .. light did not bother the mother's body, she had seen him many times, but the man's body Alik was interesting for her. She had never seen a man to undress before the goal. When Alex took off his pants, she saw him standing in the penis, Svetlana dizzy, and she fell into a brief swoon. When she opened her eyes, she saw her mother, leaning to his dick, sucking him passionately. Alex was sitting on the couch with your feet spaced apart. Mother knelt Intermedia his feet, tongue and mouth caressing his beautiful dick. Light did not see his mother swallowed the head and trunk Alikin member, but she saw that her mother was in great agitation, and her vagina gaping round hole, with resultant her juice. She was prepared for the fact that it put in its desired member.

As if sensing this, Alex kissed her on the lips Lida, expiring saliva mixed with the clear juice resulting from Alikin trunk .. Then Lida knelt with his back to Alik and bent along the back of the sofa, become cancer. Alex took his dick in his right hand and put it into the vagina Lida, then took her by the hips and began to fuck her mother, Svetlana. Loboc Alik and buttocks Lida, striking about one another published a kind of Cotton, which further aroused partner.

Light could not remain indifferent to what he saw the picture. Somehow, unbuttoning the top buttons cardigans, hand themselves rushed to the breasts, lifting a little bra, she covers movements began to squeeze her breasts from the bottom up, from back to front, grabbing her nipples and pulling them with two fingers on both sides. Then, scattered clothing near the chair, Light already undressed. Sitting in a chair cross-legged she fingers caressed her clitoris, putting two fingers of the second hand in the mouth, sucking them. She closed her eyes. She was good. Habitual movements it, then two fingers, lying on a small, but already swollen clit, made a circular motion; then, with his hand covering her pussy slowly sliding on her back rose above the clitoris, utaplivaja middle finger between the labia lips. She was at the height of bliss.

At some point, Alex, continuing to fuck Lida, saw a picture Svetlanin masturbation. He stopped and pointed Lida, what does her daughter. She's virgin, and she wants to fuck. I want to fuck her and break her hymen "Light did not see anything and did not hear, she was completely absorbed by his sweetness. Lida went to her and called her. He opened his eyes, saw the light of a beautiful naked body of the mother. Alex sat on the couch and masturbate, his dick remained in a standing condition. Lida suggested that light to Alex made her a woman. Light did not even think about it and was flatly. it was fine the way it always samoudovletovoryala himself and never wanted contact with the man, although masturbated imagining sexual intercourse with a man. You've got to do it. it wants my Alik, my lord, and to him I will never give up. he wants to fuck my daughter, and to break her hymen, he'll get it, "with these words, she went to the World , he grabbed her by the hair and threw Svetlana on the couch, where Alex sat. Light wanted to get up and running, but it was in a corner of the room captivated Lida. Naked mother began to beat her on the cheeks. Crying, Svetlana obeyed, knowing that it will be worse. She walked over to the couch, got cancer. As there was a few minutes before her mother, she puts her head on the bed, spread her legs, inviting Alec to enter it. Mother comforting her, kissed, wiping the tears flowing down her cheeks. The only thing asked Svetlana, is that Alex did not do her much pain.

Alex was indeed affectionate. Having got dick in pussy Svetkin, he did not tear her sharply. Do not penetrate deeply, he slowly became soft by a dick poebyvat it all the time resting on the hymen. Light went mad with pleasure, tested this intercourse, it has started up, and began to expose himself Alik. In a moment she called Deeper !!! ", and at the same moment Alex struck her virgin vagina .. Short-term pain, piercing entire body of Svetlana, quickly turned into a real pleasure from the deep penetration and constant movements Alik. Light receiving indescribable enjoyment, began to scream, and violently pulled down, having lost all his strength. Shuddering, each movement Alik, convulsing. She could no longer tolerate perehlynuvshee over the edge of pleasure, and wanted to Alex quickly finished. Alex is at the time picked up the limp body Svetlana, holding her in doggy style position, feeling cramping motion Svetkin vagina, driving as deep as possible in her own dick, metering, and violently pulled sperm Svetkin womb. Already half asleep Light felt the hot jet of sperm hit the cervix, and became spread on the vagina, bringing it to the next orgasm.

Alex, I love you "- whispered Svetlana and instantly fell asleep Lida, wiping arising from Svetlanin vaginal blended with sperm blood, was happy that her daughter was the woman from the man loved her she pressed her naked body to a hot body Alik, kissed him.. lips. The whole company fell asleep sweet dream. Day birthday took place.

Sex for scam

Wife rent


It all started with a banal dispute - "and you weak?". My wife and I love to have fun, poprikalyvatsya on themselves and the people. One day, posing as a friend, acquaintance by correspondence and by bringing together our different people. But now it's not about that. At this time, we argued on desire. This desire to sound something like this: the bet way of dressing accordingly go out at night and pretend to be a prostitute, or prostituta. Second at this time watching from the scene. Etc.

The wife of the bet. She tried to talk but I was unmoved. Ras lose a bet, come on !!! Yes tomuzhe idea belonged to her. And I damn want to see this. And so, after some hesitation on her part, we start collecting and thinking about plan our actions. The start was deliberate but the ending was not entirely clear. I proposed the following, she is a student married husband is at work on the night shift and she was bored and really want to make money on some spirits there. After she was to agree on the details, it leads him to us. And I, my husband suddenly appears in a short time. Well, on the scandal, and so on. D.

I helped her gather on your own. Now, maybe it's time to describe her: She was 24 years old, a natural blonde, wavy, curly hair almost to her waist. Pretty cute figure with nice breasts and very beautiful legs. It is to them I crush at one time. She was not tall but very foldable. It looks about 20 years no longer.

I advised her to wear burgundy linen with beautiful lace panties and bizgalterom of three cords with a lace front triangle. This Bela she is very sexy and a little vulgar, but it is in my opinion kakraz what we need. Further, black stockings were dressed in fine mesh with a nice rubber band that is slightly squeezed leg emphasizing cleavage between the legs, thus opening up the ass and crotch. I'm from that sight is very excited, but I felt that it will be even more interesting. The skirt was chosen as the shortest, which barely covered her ass. Ito if it was exactly. But only when she bend over or squat: Then our costume improvised whores supplemented blouse made of thin translucent red material sandals and red heels with long lacing to the knee. Makeup inflicted herself, in this matter I am not an adviser.

So taxes are completed. Time 23-35, it's time to leave. Both start very worried, even though it is much larger.

"The publication"

Before roadway reached without problems and adventures. For about 20 minutes we walk, and nothing happens. It is a leisurely walk along the side of the road on one side, and I am in the 30 meters behind her bottle of beer on the other. Ironically on the street is almost no people, despite the holiday and the perfect summer weather. She called me on the cell phone and complained that she is tired and it is time to stop the play. I tried to reassure her as best he could, and even persuaded to continue At least 15-20 minutes. During our conversation is not clear where near my wife came three guys. It was so lightning fast and unexpectedly that she already cried out in fright. And I'm confused too. My wife did not have time to turn off the phone, so I could hear everything.

Opa to see who is here !!! And why such a papilla alone, bored? And without protection? Hey sweetie, you're on time! We really miss kakraz female affection. I, I hurry home, my husband waiting at home. He tried to evade it. Nothing can wait! What nach: husband, Th you here lepish !!!? At this time I caught up with them, but that's about it with the three could not do anything. And, here is your husband? Haha, so you say so family row? Yes? Well then, if such a thing were going to you. I thought that it would be better, safer chtoli.

And here we are in the car. I explain in the front seat to the driver the road, and they are behind. Wife sitting silently at one of them on their knees. They unabashedly her paw with all commenting. One of them climbed hand under her blouse and tugged papillae. Nice boobs, we'll podrazrabotaem them, and something too small for my taste. Another groping hands on the legs of my favorite, and the third moving toward panties ran his fingers between her legs. And soon issued. Look, as she had wanted, she runs her mother. This slut has flowed !!!

In the meantime, we have arrived. Coming out of the car up to us as soon as gone, I lost consciousness from a strong blow to the head. I woke up tied to a chair clothesline from the hallway. All were in our bedroom. I was gagged and his wife for some reason, blindfolded. As soon as everything became clear. The healthiest of them said, Now we will teach you how to play the honest people. Apparently the wife told him everything. We play one exciting game, if that bitch guess who fucks her we will let you go, if not, will be punished. And so on, then in the morning it will be a real whore. And races since you love your wife as a whore, so watch and enjoy its emergence. I am sure that today's night everyone will like, well, or be remembered !!! His wife pushed onto the bed, one of them grabbed her arms, the other tied them to the headboard. And the big man ordered begin the first act !!! And I pushed on the bed that was a little less. He fell on it, and crucified on the bed his wife, one arm ripped off her skirt. Her lace panties moved to the side, revealing the delicate crotch. Immediately, habitual movement he pulled the pants. Powerful member like a rubber cudgel buried the body of his wife. Not to say that my wife did not resist. She tried to escape, but it was useless. Her firmly held. Cracked, torn, lacy fabric and laces on panties wife abruptly jerked back the bastard, and my wife went limp. It happened. His cock was inside. I just saw him twitching hairy redhead ass and heard wheezing, but he knew what was going on inside there, in a wet elastic pussy my favorite. He rushed back like a beast, penetrated up to the uterus, and with furious persistence. Look, I said the second, put a knife to my face. I watched. I saw the tyrant, crushing itself under my wife and kissing passionately, her lips slobbering, received with great pleasure. His hairy ass jerked with incredible speed. The wife moaned in pain as he was straining his back abruptly moved his penetrating deeper. But he pulled up her legs and froze, then jerked and began to cum into her pussy. He shouted, get bitch, receive a present from Daddy. Second quickly took his place. I had noticed semen oozing from the vagina and wet pubic my poor wife when the rapist took out his wet and glistening cock. I watched my wife being raped, how rude not stop even for a minute, dancing between her legs is another ass - and I was in pain and pleased. Yes, it's nice! In these moments, when he came into her, she opens her mouth and sing beautiful published a barely audible moan. Her legs waved helplessly on his shoulders, echoing his movements, they looked fine. Finally her tummy then swelled from his bursting of its members of nutria, the natural form of taking back. He started to pick up the pace, and the spouse is already in full podmahivat him, but the big man stopped them. No bitch you is not the time to finish !!! Cum when I'll let you understand? !!! And this was followed by a resounding slap. You understood? Yes, almost inaudibly said spouse.

So who are you fucking cute? You said his wife, but unfortunately mistaken.

There is no me. For this, for his mistake, you'll pay. From the kitchen yielded a piece of ice, and stuffed it into her pussy !!! She resisted, so as not to scream, she gagged. Thereafter, the second began, furiously fuck her. This lasted for about 20 minutes after that, she untied the mouth and he finished it in her mouth and face. Came the big man.
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