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After the banquet

Mr. Triton. "After the banquet"
"How is she excited" - thought Max, kissing his beloved Victoria in the backseat of a taxi ...
His arm playfully stroking the inner thighs, covered with smooth tights, and her lips did not get tired again and again to walk on the soft neck of a girl leaning. Vick eyes closed, enjoying the caresses. Looking forward from under her lashes, she suddenly caught sight of the interior mirror. With him it looked greedy Mr. manhole driver. He just hypnotized her with his dark oil dips ...
Vick is a bit sober and scared, but her hand found a nice clit through the fabric and began to make reciprocating motion ...
Sweet feeling in the pit of his stomach to make a girl to bend the arc. And who came up with the idea - amused.
"So, like, watch ... okay, I'll give you a show to obdrochilsya then ..."
- Wait, she whispered hoarsely ...
-What? Max asked, confused, looking at its Goddess ...
- Now, now ... Vic muttered, lifting the hips and pulling pantyhose with panties - Well, well, help ...
Stunned for a moment, the guy an idiot smile and shook his head, pulled on his knees stuck linen.
Vick, resting his left foot in the driver's seat, is widely spread her freed from captivity close lovely legs. Firmly taking the cute his head, she kissed him, and then began to tilt his head down ...
He understood everything, slipped into a tight gap between the seats, happily plunged into the tantalizing aroma of desirable women.
Vick has covered his head hem skirt. Enjoying his skillful tongue, she again looked in the rearview mirror. Eyes were there. She smiled at them.
Then, having brought to face wet panties with tights, I inhaled deeply the smell emanating from them. His eyes seemed to have expanded even more ... She threw her in the driver's underwear he quickly grabbed it and pressed it to his nostrils quivering with anticipation ...
He braked at a traffic light the driver turned around, reaching out before he brazenly snatched the outright whore breasts. Not paying attention to the young man crawling at the bottom with delight felt elastic flesh, veiled by a thin fabric shirts.
- Come on, green ... I heard an excited male.
With difficulty, looking up from her laughing eyes and desirable body, the driver turned around and hit the gas ...
- Max, we arrived climbs - laughed Vika- extracting from under the hem of cute ...
It seemed all wet and happy boy's face ...
- How much we ...
- Here is my business card, driver interrupted - will have to go call ...
Vick took stretched cardboard box ..
- Thanks, and I walked out of the cabin, pulling a Max ...
- And that, he do not need the money?
- We paid him and so, with a laugh, said Victoria - a spectacle ...
And we have laughed together in pursuit to leave the car ...
- I want you to kiss a Man, I cooed slag - immediately! Now!
Max pulling him into the staircase, she felt a desire that I wanted to growl and scratch ...
Not losing a moment, Vic skillful movements undid the belt and pulled his pants pulled down with shorts. Popped snakes, swaying, stood up to his full height is not small. Feeling intense salivation, girl with madness attacked hot candy. Burning it with his breath, he tried to swallow - too big!
Max in ecstasy began to furiously fuck the mouth of his beloved. Unexpectedly, he gripped her head and Vicki shot directly into the throat. She tried to pull away, but the animal awakened in a guy continued down into the mouth of his divine nectar.
The girl jerked again, dropped out of the feeble hands, and burst into a gurgling cough ...
Feeling guilty for having so quickly and roughly finished, Max threw himself to his beloved and muttering sorry, sorry, sorry, I kissed it dear face, wet with tears and his own sperm.
- Well, you're a bitch! With a sense of said Vic! And if I choked ...
- Sorry, sorry, - I muttered the guy sperm view of the face and chest so excited that a member before he could fully relax jerks began to rise again ...
- I will punish you already conciliatory said the girl, later ...
- Now fuck me finally ...
Vick, with his hem skirts invitingly sticking his appetizing ass, put her into the wall.
Man did not have to ask twice, he immediately fell in behind and became in short bursts to sink deeper and deeper. Gradually increasing the range of motion, Max one hand grabbed her breasts and the other down to the lower abdomen.
- Love you! A princess! - Wheezing man in time with his movements ...
Princess felt that the number of which is in it pulls up the uterus and with each thrust trying to push it as far as possible.
"Oh my God, how he had sezhe huge! My Monster! Come on, fuck me! Tear me ... "Vic did not notice that his thoughts aloud says ...
She wanted more, that would be like the first time, once again feel the sweet pain ... Very combining knees she squeezed the muscles of his guest trying to embrace its full length.
Boa frightened jerked and slipped out of the hot cave thirsty ingested.
- Now, now, guiltily mumbled host boa wrapped around the trunk of his hand, he sent him back to the juice oozing flesh. His Goddess once firmly gripping his cock ran into a barrier and did not want to come back. After a gap along the top - down, he tried again. Feeling like head slowly went forward, Max was delighted and is already a proven way - slow tolchkami- went on the attack.
What are you doing? I wanted to scream Vick when she felt as a member ran into her anus. But then he changed his mind and slid up - down nice tickling sponge returned to the starting point? What? But the thought "And yet-and let ..." stopped finished off the lips of speech. Instead, they heard a groan of pain, and she instinctively leaned forward to escape the torment that she was carrying member.
But the strong man's hands lying on his tummy again planted her quivering body on a stake. And one of the fingers and the clitoris terebyaschy eased the pain ...
Motion Man gradually speeds up, and the amplitude steadily increased.
Heard resounding slaps.
- I want to stab you naskvoz- Max wheezed.
He did not understand what was happening, there was a feeling that fucking a virgin: the narrow, pinched and dry. As so, it is just oozing juice. Where is the bottom of her cave, after the first set, he clearly felt the elastic wall ...
Vika tears flowed,: - stop, she pleaded ...
Max slid his right hand along the line of the body bending, scratching rough skin, the clitoris, and unexpectedly fell in the wet crevice.
Understanding what happens to the guy came a few seconds. And when it came, he froze. Breathing hard, he said,
- How are you, dear?
Vic smiled grind dirty wall ..
- I feel good, go on, just gently, please, and smazh, please ...
Carefully taking out of his fighter defeated the fortress, he abruptly drove it into a large vagina for a long time waiting for her boy ... but after a few movements, hurried back in such a desirable close prisoner ...
Vick became a little easier, it is more widely spread her buttocks and began to pull hard clitoris. His nice large eggs splashed directly on the unwilling closed cave ... Closing her eyes, she completely gave herself to the waves of passion, her wish came true - again it was the first time. But the first time was only a faint resemblance to this storm of emotions and feelings that swept Vika today.
She felt the approaching tide, and howled like a wounded wolf.
The tsunami washed over her body twisted in incredible convulsions and threw on the dirt floor ...
Member confidently scurried into popular among them a new house, and Max felt that on this ... blessed tightness will not last long ... Under his hand trembled elastic belly of his girlfriend, then grabbed a member of some sort of wave power and compressing of the head itself pushed out to the scrotum Shattered intestine is a foreign body ...
Vick fell to the floor, beat her spasm, waves covering her body ...
Max grabbed his friend and began to furiously masturbate looking at the writhing body in orgasm ... The friend did not wait - he spit on the prostrate friend long stream, he continued to pour its nectar ...

On the panel. Rehearsing brother's debt.

Before beginning the story, I would like to inform our fans the good news: I finished writing my book! The events in the book are based on the period of my life when I starred in porn. It is comparatively small but quite informative. I am currently working on the second part, which is scheduled to finish in mid-summer. Description of the second part, you can see at the end of my book. And most importantly, those who buy the book before the end of May, will receive five free bonus stories that I have nowhere have not been published. Those wishing to purchase the book offer to meet with the following information. My e-mail you will find at the end of the story.
Book Title: On the other side of the lens. Book One. The right to access to the business.
Number of pages: 59
Cost: 50 WMZ (you want to buy the book, but do not know how to work with WebMoney E-mail!)
Description: The main heroine of the product - 16-year-old girl Dasha, which in its time was the sex slave of his brother and his friends. By accident, Daria met with Michael, who is co-owner of a large Porno studio, and it offers Dasha work for them. Thinking she agrees. Dasha first time, glad I found this job. But eventually he notices that mysterious place in the studio scene. Due to its communicability, Dasha meets a girl Nastya. And he finds out that she holds a terrifying secret. Other Dasha's friend convinces her to stop shooting porn. When Dasha understands that the work in this studio for girls - walk a tightrope over an abyss, to change something is getting late, and we just have to go ahead ...
In addition, I want to thank all the readers who sent feedback on my last story. Very pleased that after my long absence on the site have not forgotten me and look forward to new stories.
Thank you for attention! And now the story itself!
It was a cold autumn evening. I stood at the bar waiting for customers. I did not want to engage in prostitution, but it all happened so suddenly that evening. Brother returned home black clouds and raped me in the ass. (Just raped her. He took it rough, with a force not brushing my hole. I screamed in pain for the rest of the apartment. To strengthen my discomfort, he firmly squeezed and twisted my tits.) Also, roughly leaving my ass, he it entered he grabbed me by the hair and yanked on his knees. Sperm flooded my entire face. And while I licked her, he told about what had happened. Playing with friends in poker, he lost 1000 euros.
- I hope you realize, sister, - he said, - you have to work today as the money by a pussy on his panel. If tomorrow I will not give the debt, its amount will double. So go ahead, bring yourself in order, and on the panel.
I glanced at the clock. They showed 23.30. I stood there for two hours, but it was not worthy customers. Only a couple of people interested in my body, but they offered an hour of sex so much money that I usually get only blowjob. It was nearly midnight. And I think that will go with anything today. Indeed, in this kind of weather it can hardly be expected that someone would go to look for a prostitute. Waiting for customers, I could serve Cop patrol, to me is not taken to the monkey. But, to the hour of the night I was lucky. I drove a jeep, in which, in the light of the lantern, I reviewed the four men.
- Girl working? - I cried the driver?
- Yes.
- How much you want for the night?
- 1000 euros.
- Nichrome yourself. You Th, slut ohrenela? But for these grandmothers, we dozen such as you buy. How old are you though?
- I'm 16. I understand that much. But I really need the money. You can until the morning to do with me whatever you want. Do not mutilate and do not kill.
- It needs money? So can you virgin? We saw those which promise mountains of gold. And when it comes to even make a blowjob normally can not.
I silently walked over to the car, opened the door.
- You Th doing ....?
The driver did not finish. Nimble fingers I learned from a member of the trousers and has incorporated it into his mouth. I drove moaned. The rest of the guys watched with interest for my actions. Without giving the guy to finish, I stood up.
- Well? I know how I suck or not?
- Well, we suck. Demonstrate your skill, can we you and buy.
I in turn has bypassed all the men sitting in the car and showed them their blowjob skills.
- Take.
- 1000 euros?
- We agree. But we'll get exhausted to death that night. Sit in the back seat.
One guy came out of the machine, letting me forward. And I was in a warm cabin between two strong beautiful men. Their hands immediately fell on my chest. The car moved off and off we went. I was very happy these guys. As already rather cold. Equip I was in a latex jacket on a naked body, which opened hemisphere of my beautiful breasts and her skirt, not hiding my feet. Leaning back in his seat and enjoying a strong male hands on his chest, I put her hands on his fly them. Skilful movements unzipped and released from their clothing, yet sluggish members. Gentle movements began to stroke the groin area in men. Suddenly, I felt a strong male hand bends my head to his penis. I leaned over the man, who was sitting to my left, and began to lick the language of his penis and testicles. Eggs were hairy, lick and they were not very nice. But the man insisted on this affection, and I did not mind. Taking in the mouth of his penis, I began to suck gently and slowly. Just over half a minute member was put on alert. Suck a little more, I pulled away from his penis and began to lead the embattled guy who was sitting to my right. The driver and the passenger to his right with envy looked in the rearview mirror, as a young girl sucks their friends. From this representation pants have bristled visibly. And it was clear that they, too, can not wait to give my mouth. The man sitting next to the driver, turned and watched as I do blowjob of his comrade. I decided to tease him. And in the process blowjob, smiling, looking into his eyes. It was evident that he can not continue to tolerate. And he did something I never expected. Asked us to shift to the left, he pressed a button that is located under the seat, and it began to unpack. Vehicle seat backrest dropped as long as one formed from the seat line. Quickly seated on a horizontal back, the guy unbuttoned pants and his dick in the alert popped out. I do not need to be told again. I leaned to his penis and also took it into his mouth. So I alternately sucked ten minutes, until one of them came up with a new way. The guy in the front seat moved to the rear. And I became a cancer, moved on the expansion of the front seat. The car was good, volume. Armchairs spacious, so I have no problem to fit it. I looked at the three embarked member. I in turn took them into his mouth and pleasuring their owners. While I was sucking dick, staring into the eyes of a man whose penis was in my mouth. I do not know why, but men starts when a woman during a blowjob looks him in the eye. Probably because the man feels his power over women. A woman looking into the eyes of a man with a blowjob, shows thereby that it is completely subordinated to his will. And a member of her mouth - the best proof. For the rest of the way I sucked the three great member. Paying for a minute on each, and then turned his attention to another member. The men in the car I do not cum in mouth. In general, I am for it and did not count. As she started up from the blow, and I wanted rough sex. To me fucked as a last whore. The driver, looking at us, put his hand under my skirt and pushing aside her panties, brought his fingers in pussy. I almost cried with desire. Fortunately, we have called in the yard of a private house.
As soon as one of the men opened ... house, I took the hand of the driver and dragged him to the center of the living room. Quickly taking out a member, I furiously sucked his two minutes. The other men watched podrachivaya its members. Throwing suck I completely undressed and got on all fours.
- Fuck me! Faster!
The boys were surprised to stare at me. Obviously, they did not expect such a hurried from me.
- Well, what are you waiting for?
I have all flowed from desire. Putting his hand on my ass, I hit on the buttocks a couple of times.
- Fuck your whore!
Man did not have to beg. Even without removing the jacket, not undressed, he sat down beside me on my knees. And after a few seconds, his warm welcome and a member plunged into my pussy. He literally drowned in it. I was so wet, flowing like a bitch that I did not have to start. And there are no preliminaries, I did not want to just fucking tough. A lot about fucking guy knew. Constantly changing the speed and pace of limb movements, he created almost perfect intercourse. Fuck me, he did not last long, and twenty minutes. But during that time I, screaming and writhing, managed to finish under it twice.
- Phew, tired. Guys ebite this whore. And yet I will rest.
Moving away from me, man undressed and watched his friends. A watch was for nothing. The guys decided to "test the endurance of my ass," as they put it. Coming up to me one by one, they drove a couple of times a member of my pussy, they put their members into my ass. Each fucked no more than two - three minutes. After ebavshy I departed, it took place the next. He also enjoyed my ass no more than two - three minutes. Then another. Soon we joined and the fourth man, who was watching on the sidelines. Thus, one guy fucking me three minutes, was able to rest for ten minutes. The fact that the guys had finished there was nothing to think about. Ten minutes orgasm, even if it rises, recedes into the background. But I finished. And ends often. It really was a test of my ass endurance. She fucked for about two hours. Gambling and putting me in a variety of poses. During this time I experienced about six orgasms. However, it soon began to give way to pain orgasms and intercourse in the ass do not bring me pleasure. But I endured, honestly practicing money. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain and cried. I am looking at a member of one of the guys I saw that he was in the blood. They tore up my ass.
- Yes, guys. Till blood! - I laughed one of them.
- It's time to rest.
While they rested, drank brandy and shared their impressions, I was crawling at their feet licking their members. Half an hour later the guys want, as one of them "check this one on the strength of her pussy."
And history repeated itself. I was forced to take a variety of poses, each in turn came and fucked my hole. It lasted about three hours. I could not endure awfully tired. Excitation passed, and the guys fucked me dry. However, I did not dare to object to them, honestly fulfilling promised me money. When I had already lost hope for a close final, put me on his knees and four flow of sperm flooded my face. Each man had finished two minutes. I was rewarded for so many sufferings. With pleasure sperm collected palm and sent it into his mouth.
- Guys, how could you so long to finish? I understand you had a rest, but still. You stayed for about seven hours, - I asked in the morning when it was time to leave.
- Quite simply, Dasha. Before you take off, we fucked our secretary. About as well as you. Once a week, we allow ourselves to such pranks.
Mentally, I felt sorry for the girl. An hour later I was at home and gave his brother money, which he repaid the debt.

A gift to the day of birth of mother

Birthday gift MA
It should be noted that I, as a complete asshole, married 20 years on the first Baba, his classmate, thighs moved apart for me. Needless to say that after a couple of years, the marriage ended in complete failure. My mother, by the way, did not approve of neither one nor my subsequent marriage - or rather, my choice of bride. But being sufficiently sensitive and intelligent woman, she just shrugged her shoulders, but nothing concrete has been made, leaving me with my choice and its consequences.
Remembering my first marriage, I still find there are some positive moments. Having made a terrible mistake in the choice of a wife - as a woman she was, as it turned out, just no - I began furiously to fix it, trying to fuck everything that came to hand. And across, it happened, and quite decent copies, thanks to which I eventually learned to distinguish true, a good woman from a simple and useless "meat with a hole." Approaching, by the way, the 100th anniversary of the birth of our [censored] leader and teacher Comrade Lenin - to the mausoleum of his devils finally took - and the whole country is preparing for this year (1970). All took a solemn obligation, and my friend and I also made a commitment: to fuck the anniversary of one hundred women. He seems to have even exceeded the plan, but I just blundered ...
For this I - probably the only inhabitant of the USSR! - Have not given commemorative medals. Although the formal reason for this was different - denounced by one of my first wife, I sewed "amoralku" and fired from his job right in the moment when the lists were on the medal. And the new job announcements have long been made up ...
After divorcing his first wife and was at a crossroads, I'm a little confused. But I turned out to be a wise friend who explained to me that it is not necessary to marry foolishly, ie not "love", and the Statics. His most faithful calculation - is to marry "Moscow dad", or rather the daughter of a great chief in Moscow, with links, apartments, dachas, machine spetsraspredeliteli and other benefits. At the same time I have popularly explained that the "father's daughter" at all and should not be God knows what kind of beauty because the beauties around - a dime a dozen! Everything something they have, but "dad with a hairy paw" no! To my surprise solve this task proved to be too difficult.
At 27 years, I finally firmly learned that one should not mix marriage and their sexual interests. If some external similarity is still very different things in nature. The second time I was smarter and married it is the "Calculation". My choice was almost faultless - my fiancee finished MGIMO and was not only Moscow residence permit (a significant plus for the native of Leningrad), but even his own lovely one-bedroom apartment in "Politic kommunist" brick house in a quiet side street in the district Pluschikha (!). Our "family nest" she gave her father - ba-a-alshoy Politic kommunist shot. Prior to that, for many years he did not get out from abroad, being in senior positions in a number of Soviet embassies. But it was not enough, he wanted something quite different: to be in power, "the Centre".
Even reached as a result of the fantastic work abroad (at the time) the well-being left him quite indifferent. All day he walked in the same sewn in "Politic kommunist" studio baggy dark suits. But his family - a wife and especially his two daughters - just bathed in all this luxury. Well, naturally, I wanted to nip off a piece of this pie fat.
We can not say that my young wife was such a very ugly; No, it was quite usual Moscow girl, just really very spoiled. And - in dad - a very capricious. She married a married me according to the principle: "And I'm here because I want it!", Even though, as I later learned, it is actively discouraged from doing so, and friends, and parents; for them I was "without family, without a tribe", or rather without influential relatives in the "higher spheres." To me it made no difference. The most important thing was that, because of this marriage, I "hit the cage." You had only to suffer godok or two, and there, staring, and in Vienna, the international branch of our institute. Oh Vienna! City schnitzels and strudels, colors and Strauss waltzes! "Blue Danube, pa-pam pas memory, together we're, pa-memory, memory-na ..." Quiet, comfortable, beautiful - yes, what to say! In this city live godkov five can even, by God, with the Lady is much less pretty and more capricious than my wife.
In the meantime, I was considered a "research assistant" in the prestigious academic institution, where he was responsible (for the mind, like nearly everyone else) some chimerical, worthless ", draft report," appearing in the Institute not more than three times a week. But every time in the hallway or in the lobby I was faced with our "Director", who always breaks into a smile, greeted by the handle, certainly inquired about the health of my wife's father and asked, "Give my love to the distinguished Andrei Petrovich." What do I do when the opportunity is available for a rare "family dinner". Needless to say, that if not-in-law, I would close not admitted to this institution. Actually, it was my calculation, otherwise what was a "fuss"? His new privileged position, I used a hundred percent, including a fairly frequent - practically on my wish - "mission" in his native St. Petersburg. This time I had more than a plausible excuse - my mom's birthday: she turns 49 years old. My wife drove off on three-month internship in Germany and I am calling for his mother-in propriety, said the food in Leningrad "on a business trip, and at the same time to congratulate his mother on his birthday."
In a huge luxury apartment of the parents of my wife I had a separate large room turned into a closet: there were piles - from floor to ceiling - stacked all sorts of box obviously "foreign" origin. Basically they were unpacked, and some even kept their original form of gift. All of them have been bought and wrapped in a clearly branded expensive stores; I understood exactly. Poguzhevatsya there would bldg&# 243; Rehoboam, but dangerous: the mother-in-law kept the room locked, and I myself only managed a couple of times casually glance to the corner of the eye. At this time the mother-in-law took me to this unique closet itself, when I opened the door and, without choosing, gave me a very beautiful, but an easy box. On the wrapping paper was clearly seen the word "Damen", from which I concluded that there must be an object of women's toilets - blouse, scarf, scarf or something else like that. "Here, take this - it is a gift from us to your mother." I politely thanked him, thinking to himself: "A good gift: on principle -" to your God, that we worthless "..."
From myself I grabbed a large bottle (0.7 liters) of expensive French brandy (also a gift-in-law, I berg "until better times") and one of the luxury boxes of chocolates are always in our house. Who, when and who gave them - and maybe their father he bought for a penny in Politic kommunist closed cupboard - I do not know. It was good at the time to be a great chief Politic kommunist: while you were at the mercy of all you "loved" and considered it an honor to shove you some gift, with desirable expensive.
Of course, it was always a pleasure to see her mother, but her birthday and even more so. Yet the main thing was - to get back to Peter, away from the eyes of their new Moscow relatives and friends, to visit old friends and - who knows! - Be able to make a small, commercials a week, but the rapid "romance with Love" with some not too demanding peterburskoy beauty. In that case, I even stocked a small bottle of good French perfume - suddenly come in handy? But then I had to keep an eye on&# 972 ;: puncture in my situation would have been like a death.
... I remember how, shortly after his marriage, I first came to the country to his wife's parents. It was summer, was a holiday with lots of guests. My wife knew them all, and I - almost anyone. Or rather until not met a Mademoiselle hard making eyes at me. As the saying goes, "stove-butterfly", "word for word, by a dick on the table ..." Dancing shmantsy, obzhimantsy, or - using a fashionable when cosmic terminology - "zatantsovka-zatselovka-docking" ... But I had begun to study more closely the location of the remote cottage rooms with a view to more detailed information on anatomical my newfound friend, when suddenly - literally from the ground! - On my way there bleak (and it was always dark!) My father-figure. "You have it, zyatk, not really ... this slut ... Once again, you'll see together ... Look ..." This was said in a tone that my button of tightly inflated balloon at the time turned into the what remains of this ball when it is pierced with a pin. Then I realized: this number, at least in Moscow, for me, can be really deadly. In the end - by a pussy one more one less, what's the difference? A "Wiener Schnitzel" - this is serious.
In short, here I am in St. Petersburg, her mother, in her cozy and neat one-room apartment and a week ahead of "mission"! Freedom-fucking-shit freedom, freedom! Chill out Vasya! Rather - Volodya. "Vovulechka, son! How I've missed you! "Mom rushed me on the neck, showering whatever their special, from early childhood familiar aroma, and kissed him several times in the cheeks and lips. Whether from the fact that I have more than a month led a monastic way of life, or even for some reason, but the mother's delicious kiss on the lips said some strange way - my button spontaneously started, and I had even confused. Yes, of course, it was my mother, but objectively it was still a very attractive woman, watch her figure and appearance. Actually, it was always so, as far as I can remember. By profession she was an actress. They say that in his youth served great hopes, but came out early in the marriage, mainly devoted to her family - her husband and son, ie, I, still, however, remain at the theater on the sidelines.
However, whether her profession and the situation of the theater, whether it led to the natural qualities of the fact that my mom was always taut, elegant and objectively very attractive woman. Of course, the age of forty is a little plumper, that, in my opinion, just add "interesting" to her appearance. I, at least, have never seen it "rastethoy" - unkempt, slovenly dressed, etc. Even the sudden death of his father (he died three years ago, before almost never being ill) is not too affected the mother's appearance. That's just her way of life has changed dramatically: she almost did not go out, very rarely met with some distant relatives, and just in front of a rejuvenation and came to life, when I came to visit her. And now she met me "in full dress", combed, perfumed, in a very elegant suit - tight skirt and jacket in the waist - and most importantly a dinner table, laden with my favorite goodies. Kulinarka, by the way, it was excellent.
[Just at that moment I felt as trapped and unnatural, I was all of this recently. I had all the time something "to portray" - that interested researchers, the model-in-law, the attentive husband. The latter, incidentally, was particularly painful. As it turned out, after the marriage, my young wife, in contrast to the first months of our whirlwind romance "with trick riding, fireworks, water pantomime, ebley and fire" as a sexy cooled down and then became more interested in his school friends and friends than her own husband . I'm not too upset about this; so I was even quieter. Yet, from time to time, I would like to fuck, and sometimes I still have to beg and to persuade his wife, who seemed to have started to forget about his marital duties. All they have now reduced mainly to a banal "piston movements" in the "standard position" - it "gives" and I'm on top - And most of all it cared that I did not forget about the condom (which I before it essentially did not recognize! ). About some sexual diversity, excess and subtlety I could not have imagined.
Once I politely reminded her that before she willingly made me a blowjob, and it seemed to me that she liked it. At this she quite dryly that she is "actually never liked," and she did it, only behind my insistent demands, "and besides, it's not very hygienic." Like this.]
...And here in front of me, my mum - so dear, friendly, smiling, and, hell, attractive, yes, very attractive! Somewhere deep inside I flashed the thought: "But perhaps someone fuck her and overjoyed!" But it was so fleeting ... yet - my mother ... Then I even asked her: "Mom, have you have some ... a friend ... or even "She once frowned and remarked sadly:" Yes, well, they ... there was one, but it would be better and it was not quite ... better without men than with. Such as our papanechka me I do not find. Now, if I such a young man like you - it would be bldg&! # 243; Rehoboam "In the last sentence she smiled and then added sadly:" Well, for people like you I'm old ... "I began to protest vigorously:" Yes, you're it!
You also only 49 - a whole life ahead! Yes, and do you have a woman at least where "She somehow smiled sadly:" Is it true? Or do you just want me to make a pleasant "" Mom, look, I'll admit - I have a very not so long ago there was a woman, well, maybe a little younger than you only. It's a symphony! Strawberries and cream! There is nothing better I have never been. All these youngsters-Syroezhko it will give a hundred points! "" Well, why did you break up? "" So after her husband, the family ... And then it is, I feel, began to fall in love and follow me, and it already smelled catastrophe. A pity! I still remember her luxurious full hips ... Oh, I'm sorry ... "" How am I? "- Suddenly I asked my mother smiling. "Y-yes ... about ..." I mumbled pristyzhnno. It was necessary to urgently correct the situation. I poured a glass of brandy on the full and offered another toast. We drank again, drank another.
Mom blushed, I've relaxed. He started telling funny stories are different, gradually going to the sexually explicit jokes. Mother loudly and heartily laughed. I was so pleased! When I tried to tell them his wife, it is almost always frowned and said: "How disgusting ... Do you like this can?"
In a joke for some reason (I do not remember) we were talking about a short skirt, from beneath which were visible female tempting thigh higher stockings. "This is - this is so, is it?" - My mother, laughing infectiously, lifted her skirt, so I saw the edge of her stockings and a little of what has been mentioned. Somehow I have it too terribly amused, and we laughed together for a long time, wiping away tears. We drank, we have by this time more than a half-bottle.
"Mom, I told you a gift from Tiffany brought! I forgot about him. However, I do not know that there's so beautiful box is sealed, directly from a foreign magazine. You are very open. "My mother carefully opened the package, and I saw a beautiful original box store name, and type the word" lingerie ". Now it was clear why she's such a volume, but lightweight. Hold my mother was no longer possible. She opened the box and ... we both gasped: inside was a neatly stacked full set supershikarnogo lingerie - stockings, panties, bra, belt with elastic bands and even a lace negligee. All this was a powerful, mouth-watering flesh-colored, with lace and it seemed to me, very transparent in texture. After a huge amount of Ohoven and poisoning substances, mom suddenly said ... "I can not wait until I can try this all the beauty." "And you now try on - what to expect," My own voice sounded like something unexpected for me. Think for a second, my mother said, "Oh, really - why wait?" "It would not be fair, Mom, I brought you this beauty and it sees someone, and I do not. So even fair! "
All this supposedly uttered in a joking tone, but I could not help but notice that all this becomes reality more and more, um, "interesting." I felt almost automatically all the well-known tide obscure more sexual arousal.
Mom said firmly: "So, you sit down a minute, my friend, on the couch, and I'll go to the closet and quickly all the evidence". My mother was a standard one-bedroom apartment "alcove", ie Room was shaped like the letter "G", which was at the base of this very "alcove". There was my mother's bed and a wardrobe with a large mirror. Sofa was also located in the "living room" of the room and the cabinet from the sofa was not visible. I obediently sat down on the sofa ... and suddenly saw in the mirror a sideboard that stood on the contrary, I see part of my mother's figure from the back. Mom already took off her blouse and jacket and began to take off her skirt. It has become not only interesting, but very interesting.
Not suspecting anything, without stopping looking at the spread out on the bed next to luxury items headset, mother undressed as if she was alone in the room. By amplifying sound of the heart, I saw my mother undid her bra and her full, round and very beautiful breasts almost fell down under its own weight. "What great tits! It would be nice mash were as follows ... "- I thought to myself purely automatically. Mom continued to undress. She quickly pulled off his simple white cotton panties, and ... I saw again (the first time in about 20 years!) Mother's full round ass. (I zip demonstrated a long-standing childhood memory: one of our room, where we once lived, it was virtually impossible to hide why mom always changed clothes standing in the corner, turning back to me..
At first I did not care, then I started to take an interest, but my mother noticed it and stopped doing it with me. Although now I suddenly remembered exactly what I thus badly wanted to see - and what is it there in front? "Rear view" I then studied thoroughly, and I really liked it.) The last thing my mother took off, there were stockings with lowly belt.
Naked absolutely it was not more than two or three seconds, and then it became gradually and slowly put on in reverse order. She carefully and gently took every detail of the headset, as though afraid of accidentally drop and smash it as expensive crystal. Wearing a stunningly beautiful stockings and having fastened them with rubber bands (have you noticed how amazingly exciting bent woman pristgivaya stockings to the belt?), My mother suddenly thought, opened the closet and took out the box below with the "ceremonial" patent-leather shoes on a sufficiently high heels. In her shoes full of slender legs in stockings seemed to me magnificent. I looked at all this without stopping, without paying attention to the fate of the heartbeat.
[I do not know about you, but I always heart pounding, when I see a lovely woman undress; Especially when she knows that her look. Voyeurism, you say? Well, what's wrong? It's not pedophilia!]
The entire process was extremely volnitelen dressing for me, but through the reflection in the small mirror cupboard I have seen it only in fragments. But especially I was shocked shorts: they were not accustomed to fitting (like a bikini) and by type of enough free short shorts or "pants", which in French is called "culottes". I do not know why but for me personally this style excites incredibly. Of course, if that, if other forms, and to take them still have. Nevertheless, "culottes", and especially such as have just wore my mother - with elegant lace inserts on the sides, I liked scary. In the end, my mother wore a robe, which, frankly, is not very hide what you are wearing underneath. But apparently he gave my mother some confidence that it is not "completely naked."
Beaming, mother came out of the alcove and asked, "How?" And although it had some idea, but seeing it all at once, in all the splendor, at arm's length from him, I could not help but cry sincere admiration: "Mom, this is perfectly! I had never seen such a stunningly beautiful woman! "" Thank you, darling, so good to hear it, although I understand that I try to just say something nice on such a day. " "No, mother, no! You really fantastically beautiful in all of this! And birthday here at all to do with it. " Mom turned back to the mirror and began to&# 225 ;, as do all women in the world when fitting clothes, to see themselves from all sides. From these turns negligee fly away, and I was able to catch a glimpse of and sufficiently transparent lace bra, under which perfectly discernible nipples brown buds, and - finally! - Trusiki- "culottes", through which the clearly designated dark triangular shadow on the pubic.
"Yes, well, - not without pride, my mother said - poor, poor peasants! Just imagine what would have been with them if they saw that! "She turned a few times back and forth a couple of times a second throwing open robe. Probably her most liked to see how it looks in all of this insanely sexy outfit - bra, panties, belt with stockings. "What? And really good "Unexpectedly, I suddenly said quite frankly:" Yes, so much as well! I fly out a little but not bursting "It was true: I have a dick for several minutes standing like a stone.
Mom laughed briefly at first, and suddenly confused, "Well, what are you saying! I was even ashamed to hear such words from an adult son ... But on the other hand, it can be regarded as totally sincere compliment ... If I was impressed by you, so must the other men would not have remained indifferent ... "I realized, forgiven and that the scandal will not be, but still it was necessary to quickly rectify the situation. I jumped to the table and refilled our glasses of brandy: "For my mother - for a seductive, luxurious woman and most beautiful mum in the whole world!" We drank standing up, and I went over to my mother. Holding a glass in one hand, I embraced her and the other with a sense kissed on the lips. She told me a few seconds we were merged into one of the sweetest kiss of my life. Then she gently pushed me away and said, "Let's get a bite, and then I have something head cr&# 253; by God has gone. " I flashed the thought: I'm going to briefly sit down with my mother, and then to roll somewhere in the evening to pals-pals; and suddenly, I clearly understood that I will not want to go, do not want to. I was so happy here, with my mother!
Awkwardness after my application for bursting crotch has passed, and we had fun talking again, eating. My mother sat with her legs crossed and zapahnuvshis in negligee. She was bent on change, but I'm so rapidly (and frankly!) Begged her "to stay here as it is," she agreed easily. The main thing is that she herself was terribly nice. But, on the other hand, I felt that I had achieved a high level of "sexual tension" began to gradually decline. What I obviously did not want to.
And then it hit me! One of my friends in Moscow, knowing that I was going to Leningrad, took me aside, and (for some reason) zagovorischicheskim whispered, "Hey, can you take a package? You will not need to worry: you come, call, my friend will drive you and everything will take himself, "What kind of problems.? I myself have many times committed to sending, and still do. I am somewhat surprised by the mysterious tone, but in the end ... We agreed to meet. I'm in a hurry, he gave me a simple sealed envelope magazine size. Without looking, I slipped it into a "diplomat" and thought about it only late in the evening at home. Deliver it, ... I accidentally tore a corner of an envelope made of bad Soviet thin paper, and saw the inside of a piece of glossy covers typical branded dirty magazines. At this point nothing could stop me. The envelope was (for conspiracy!) Is not inscribed, I tore it up and greedily began looking at the Scandinavian beauties (or may not Scandinavian, although the language was Swedish).
It was not an easy erotic "Playboy" and present hardcore, with all the chores. Needless to say, I spent all night studying in detail the treasury of the Swedish printing. And if I tell you that not masturbate and did not finish at the same time, so you do not care I do not believe ...
Whether my general excitement, or my mother's stunning outfit, or cognac - but rather it all together - pushed me to the next step. "Do you want me show you something, what you NEVER Now More is not seen?" (For some reason I was sure that the logs it should be like. According to my vague childhood memories, I knew that it was definitely temperamental woman loving sex) . "Sit down here next to me, so it will be more convenient!" My consciousness has worked on autopilot: Yeah, it is not across the table from me, and next to the couch, and therefore I have a step closer to his goal. The feeling that I experienced when she was next to me, difficult to describe! From its beautiful mature body wave came something extraordinary wave. I saw a few inches from me her delicious rounded hips, a little covered translucent peignoir and had only to reach out ... But, no, no sooner ...
I opened the first magazine and my mother gasped quietly. On the first page of a young man with incredible quantities by a dick I tucked him in standing in front of him cancer lush blonde. "Wow-ah! ..." In a strange mother gasped. I tried to turn the page, but she said: "Wait, wait - let me see how to." "Yes, they are also much more will be!" She slowly began to leaf through a magazine, which allowed me to sit down is simply close to her, embracing her left hand. It is as if forgot about my presence, immersed in a seductive viewing pictures.
[Confirms my long-standing observation that if you give a woman / girl look at a magazine, and she did not immediately begin to spit and say "Ugh, what mud! And how can you enjoy all this? ", That means" normal flight "of your business in a hat, and before the" docking "remain a matter of minutes.]
"Well, how do you now this hero?" "Horo-err, do not say anything ... Hmm, but this is very similar to one of my ..." Mom broke off. "Yes, what you thing of the past, I know you're not a nun I ..." "What's it like to consider all this?" "Why, very good! Ready to watch this without end! "" So you're kind to the young wife, and you would have to be before these pictures? "" First of all, it's completely different things. And secondly, my wife ... how would you say ... "" Yes, I do say somehow "" Did it kind of indifferent to this matter ... "" What -. Absolutely frigid? " "Yes, like it is not really, but it raskochegarit persuade to something - work downright unbearable."
Mom smiled at something her: "Nah, I'm not like was: I almost just happened embrace - his legs gave way and my head started to spin ... Oh, sonny, to be honest - your mother loved this dark matter ... our Papanechka I do not really could complain - had a much wanted and more "" well, then I went to you - I also always want to "" well, so all the time ... even now "" Now "!?! "Now, this minute?" "Sure! It sits next to me such amazing curvy woman, and even in this exciting dress! "
During this conversation, my mother already absently continued to flip through the magazine. I studied it almost by heart, knew that on the next page is a photo luxurious full middle-aged woman, even a little bit similar to my mother and, moreover, dressed in the same type of lace underwear with stockings on elastics.
"Look, what a woman I like best - it is you," "I'll really like me as a woman?" "Certainly! I always liked "" But I'm your mother "" Because you -! Mom, you're much closer and dearer than any other equally objectively beautiful and attractive woman. I told you: you - 'my bed', as they say ... "" And this is how it "" Well, that is - my type?. I told you about my affair with your actually the same age? Gorgeous woman! Yes, and in general, I noticed that I was much less like these, you know, young, scrawny ... As in the classic joke ... "" What, tell me? "" Yes, it is not very decent ... "" and before you all just told me decent "" well, one man tells another he last slept with a young girl and complains: - I'm so sorry for her, so sorry! The second says: - And what is now somehow it regret? - Yes, you would have seen it - so very thin, thin handle, thin legs, I fuck her, and the Square&# 225; chu, pl&# 225; chu ...
So sorry for her, "Mom laughed, and I burst accumulated indignation:" Yes, they are, these kids more and fuck-how should not be able to, and on the other hand boast and claim a heap: and that it is not so, and it's not that way because I do not want, so I will not ... A mature woman knows everything, knows everything, understands everything and generally tend to like - as you say - "this dark matter '"
"Wow, and I thought all just chasing very young ..." "It's only a little smyslyaschie in this matter behind them chase ... A wonderful mature woman like you, in comparison with these russula, is like - luxurious meal at an expensive restaurant, compared with a sandwich in the diner ... Maybe it's my childhood so formed, because you were always in front of me ...
I have always, for example, as a teenager, wanted to see you ... Well, what the front ... It's funny, but I did not then know all the intricacies of the female anatomy, and it seemed to me that the most-the most interesting place in a woman - it .. . I'm sorry ... that's it ... "I pointed to a neat triangle of dark hair brunette gorgeous photos of the magazine. "This is - the pubic hair, or what?" - Clarified mother. "That's it! - I said - and I've always been much more interested in seeing my new woman was pubic hair than all the rest ... well, what's under them ... And by the way, since while we're about it - hate I shaved a woman there ... and in Moscow young girls are increasingly do ... I see it - just think: how would fork out quickly with this business ... worst of all, my wife and this their "advanced" female friends too caught ... so I entreat her not shave, do not shave! - No, still shaves, says, "so more hygienic ..." "Well, you enlighten me today.
As it turns out I'm behind the times "- she opened the floor for a second dressing-gown, looking at her beautiful pants and a dark shadow beneath them. "That's what I in a bath sometimes, rarely though, see some girls shaved ... I thought - women's disease have some, or after an abortion ... and I may also old age should go up with the times?"
In a fit of anger, I even jumped off the couch, got on my knees in front of her and put his arm around her hips: "Mamulechka, do not, please, because it's so beautiful! I know where it started - from you! When you took me a little with them in the bath, and I've seen you naked ... I like it! "" Oh, you wretch! - Mom laughed - I thought I had to wash receive, and he instead let the ducklings in the basin, considering the female pussy "" Yes, I do! And only then when grown - all I wanted to see you again ... well, quite naked, in the bath ... Such is the obsession, unfulfilled dream of a lifetime ... ". "Well, I believe that now, perhaps, it's gone.
Already now, then you have seen enough of them enough, judging by your stories, "" Does not matter, I dream to see you. "- She blurted out and I fell down to kiss my mother's linen disguised pubis ...." What is it soft! "- I was delighted - "And I am sure you have it the most beautiful! Can you blame me, but today we have the revelations of the evening: I really dream to see his ... well, at least a little "Mom listened to this tirade carefully hand fingering my hair on the head, but her eyes was obviously clouded either by erotic excitement! whether from a significant amount of alcohol consumed. "Are you seriously it?" "Yes, yes!" "But you've already seen so much ...- she remarked uncertainly - nothing new is not for you ..." "Well, mamulechka, show me a little bit, just a little ... "I realized that I can not back down now or never really. Such coincidences can not happen again.
"But this is ridiculous - I'll show you? Browsing? ? Standing "" Oh, you get up and take off the gown ... He prevents me to see you all, "Mom, little staggered, but smiling, stood up from the couch, removed her negligee ... and I could not restrain an exclamation of admiration:." Kakaya are you beautiful! A, feet, legs, something which "" Yes, it is true - at his feet can not complain, "My sincere enthusiasm mother clearly loved!;! She, too, had received the obvious pleasure, constantly turning and looking at himself without the peignoir in a large mirror wardrobe. My view of a magnet to the dark triangle under the thin silk of her "panties". "Well, what next?" - Quite playfully she asked. "And you otodvin towards the edge of the pants, so I could see the hairs ..." Without hesitation, smiling and looking straight at me, she fulfilled this request: "So?" "Amazing ..." "Or this?" - she pulled her panties on the other hand. "Yes Yes! And now lowered them, please just once, slowly, first half! "
"Well, you - gourmet! You'd be a director ... "" In pornoteatre where you would be a star! People have flocked "" And as you want! "-? In tone, I realized that she had already" started up "is not a joke ...
[I have often noticed that women - unless they're real! - Terribly nice to watch as the men from them baldeyut; it flatters them unusual and gives confidence in the power of their own charm and sexuality.]
... She slowly lowered her panties to the middle of the pubis, and then abruptly pulled them down, and a second or two I watched with admiration that really wanted to see for many years - a nice neat triangle of dark, thick and slightly curly hair. Mom put her panties back laughing and said: "Well, that - a dream come true? Finally I saw? Well, and what is the result, "" Ah, that's what "-?! I jerk unzipped his jeans, and my dick petrified literally jumped out.
I was expecting anything but a mother's reaction. She seemed numb and hypnotized, silently stared for some of my pride. There was nowhere to retreat. "Come what may!" - I thought, still holding in his hand standing dick and pure reflex slightly podrachivaya it. Mom silently, moving like a somnambulist, came and sat beside me on the sofa. Her eyes stared only at my dick and a clear drop, which has already performed at the end. She pushed my hand and said softly, "Let me ...". When her hand gently and firmly grabbed my trunk, I'm even a little groan of pleasure.
Or was it a long time, and I just forgot, but it seemed to me that no one ever so caressed my dick. Speaking as though to herself, she whispered, "I really thought that this to me will never be ..." I had a feeling that I was in the room kind of like not - only one mother alone with my excited by a dick . "I want ..." - as she said softly, and sharply bent, one movement entirely swallowed it in his mouth, and then slowly began to suck and lick it. She did it so well, with so much love that I had to strain every nerve to not immediately flow out of her mouth. "You're amazing suck!" - I groaned. "Better than your girls?" "There's no comparison! ... They were not questioned ..." "Dura they ... And I love this thing ... O-bo Ms th ... Nothing is sweeter than not .. . "" Oh, I can not stand so long ... I'm so over ... "" over, over ... I still drink ... over ... "
[A lot of times I do blowjob. As a rule, I had to actively persuade the Lady, sometimes almost by force shoving her dick in his mouth. In rare cases, the woman takes the initiative and offered itself. Some of them showed good spent "technique", this happened. But even in this case it was done somehow mechanically, in principle, "only to have it quickly rid of him." And if you could - as a rule, hold down the power of hair behind his head - to finish it in his mouth, then after that I started the ballet "The Fountain of Bakhchisarai": lady jumped up, spitting, coughing, running immediately brush your teeth, etc. Then began wailing in the range of "you do not respect me" to "ugh, how disgusting." But the mother's blowjob was unforgettable; because it is not just doing everything perfectly, but - and this is important! - More and love. With much love. I even could not tell anyone at that time was more pleasant: her or me? Rather it even though I was in a completely awesome, leaning back on the couch, his eyes closed can not even enjoy all these fabulous spectacle].
... Swallowing everything carefully - with pleasure! - Licked dick and balls, my mother raised her face to me: It is light genuine happiness! "What delicious! - Mom said - you then give me more "" Dame, ladies ... as you want ... "I muttered, barely opened his eyes?. "You like it?" "Fairy Tale!" "I'm so glad ..." - she passionately kissed me on the lips, and I felt with particular tastes, completely unknown to me previously.
[All the barriers were overcome. I had an unusual craving and, simultaneously, a great fondness for this extremely attractive woman ... Then, after a night spent in the violent foreplay, I slept like a log. And in the morning, waking up with great difficulty and the end is not yet understood that with me and where I am, the first thing that I felt was not clear, but incredibly sweet feeling: I was lying on her side, and her mother, standing beside the bed on his knees, took More my soft dick, and his mouth, rolling his tongue in his mouth, sucked it again kindly and gently. The feeling was so unusual - so I have no one ever wake! - I mentally asked his penis: "Please be patient a little bit, try not to get directly from this fantastic affection" ... Where there! A few minutes later he was sticking up like a factory chimney - to the obvious delight mom].
...I suddenly realized that I'm wearing, but with unbuttoned pants. "I undress ..." - I said. "And I, too, take off those pants are so beautiful ... I'm afraid of dirty. I'm so wet! I have a hundred years did not get wet! It's all your fault ... Thank you handsome it! "- And again she gently took my lips in semi-opal member and several times a grateful kiss on his head. Mom got up (happy smile for a moment never left her face) and carefully removed her "culottes". "I am absolutely naked?" "No - I protested - stockings with belt leave - it's very sexy ..." "Ah, to understand! Well done! With the concept of ... "" And take off your bra ... You have a lovely tits ... "" Do you want to kiss them, suck? As happened ...- Mom laughed briefly, remembering something - when you sucked me a little chest, I very nearly did not finish ... They have me such sensitive "" And so beautiful! Give them to me ... And I can remember them? I so want to mash them! "" It's what you want ... only wish ... "
She came to me. Sitting on the couch is already naked, I'm with both hands clutching his bowed to me luxurious Mama's breast, not knowing what I want more - just there looking at them, stroking and kneading them satiny softness or glare at one of swollen light brown nipples. This last wish was stronger than my mother sweetly gasped, "Suck, suck harder ... They at me directly burn ... Bite him, fear not ... Twist the other, pinched him ... Oh, suck, suck ... I Like it so much!"
For a while my mother's sweet ... Sisi was in my room. All I ever wanted to do with women's breasts I realized these infinitely beautiful moments. Looking down at me, my mother said softly: "She do not allow this, do you?" From the tone of her question, I realized that she was referring to my wife. "And I let ... Yes, her boobs and some of these do not have ..." His voice sounded its clear superiority and a certain female pride.
Then, in a loud whisper, as she said, "touch me there ... under ..." Surprisingly, even after we both undressed, after I finished it in her mouth, and now crushed, squeezed and sucked her breasts, I still somehow I do not dare to touch her slits. But after its direct request, I delighted squeezed in the palm of her bouncy, fluffy pubis. Another long-standing dream - to touch it! - Accomplished. When I decided to poke a finger in the vagina, I did not have to push, nor disassemble its sponge - it was so juicy! By this time my dick was standing pillar again. I have something he remembered that finished recently, and he forgot all about it! Her head thrown back, eyes closed, gently, enjoying every second of contact, moving her hips to meet my fingers emboldened, she moaned softly: "Yes ... Well, well ... Oh, how good ... How sweet ... Do with me what you want! - Suddenly loudly and passionately she cried - I authorize you all! "
Constraining longer was impossible. My stress - after a long abstinence reinforced incredible erotic whole situation - was too great. Somehow one complex motion I put her on her back and, caught between its luxurious velvet thighs, put his dick in it for the most eggs. Mom cried - and not in pain. Our first intercourse was so violent that zavednnye to the limit throughout the previous stage we were both moaning finished almost a couple of minutes. We both wanted so much to be discharged, splash! For a few seconds we both lay there panting. When she opened her eyes, I saw in them an expression of unearthly happiness. That I did never seen before! After a few seconds they seemed astonished: "After all, you're only recently finished! Again? !! .... What is my lovely boy, a terrific man! ... How happy I am ... Thank you, dear ... I really think - all the more I have never experienced such a ... You - my, my, and I am proud that you are my creation, "The whole monologue! accompanied by kisses and gentle touches her mother's hand.
It seemed that she was at the same time wanted to touch me everywhere, and hands she lacked. "What you have tender skin - like a girl ... And it is not hairy - in the Pope ... And such a sweet ... So I'll papillae liznu ... How sweet!" In front of my mother's favorite fright suddenly flashed " you're not mad at me? "" Why "" Because I'm so ... well ... intemperate, dissolute ... Think more -?!? 'seduced own son' ... "" that I love you 'seduced' - and happy with it ... "
"Wait, let me get up - I have to dry off .... How much you give me to pour! I really forgot how much sperm occurs in young men ... Maybe a glass of ... "Firmly clutching the crotch with his hand so as not to drip on the carpet, my mother ran to the bathroom. I am delighted to spend her eyes - a round ass, thighs, slender legs in complete luxury stockings ... Stunningly beautiful! I was lying on his back on the sofa in complete prostration. No remorse, much less regret, I did not feel - just a great feeling of complete happiness. This to me has never happened.
[Usually after I had fucked, well, a relief, sometimes - pride ( "And yet, I fucked her!"), And often some indifference. If this was some kind of permanent the Lady, after the stick could either sleep or smoke, or to sit down again at the table "for the continuation of the banquet." And if it is a one-time random woman, the problem was that either it quickly somewhere rid of, or to get off: "Oh, I'm on the subway do not have time!" Or "You have to run, and then the bridges divorced!" So, that it was possible to ride out the wiring bridges staying with her, somehow had not occurred: the Moor has done his duty, the Moor can go].
Mom came out of the bath with a damp towel, which thoroughly and carefully wiped my genitals and around. "Here, we are now once again fresh and delicious ... You can start all over again ..." I noticed that she, too, refreshed, even straightened my hair disheveled and slightly perfumed. We went back on the couch next to embracing, kissing almost incessantly. "You really like it?" - She asked with some concern. "Yes, my life has not been such a gorgeous woman! - Quite sincerely I said, - Now I understand that I have always wanted you, but do not fully understand it ... "" Well, I'm glad, so glad that you were pleased ... Are you that really decided me seduce today? This gift, brandy, magazines ... You're specially prepared for this? "" No, I swear, it's just a coincidence .. It's all coincidence ... It is true that when I first came in and we kissed, I felt a strange excitement ... And then it is all moving by itself ... though now I understand: unconsciously, but I always wanted you ... especially a teenager ... "" In fact, I'll remember that sometimes you looked at me in a strange way. ..
When I took off the skirt and stockings ... But I did not pay attention ... Well, that's normal interest in boys ... But I do not foresee that today this may happen to us ... But it happened - and it's wonderful! "All the while we stroked and caressed each other. Mom practically released from the hands of my dick, and I always went through her silky hairs on the pubic hair, parted the lips, caressed her fingers crack, feeling that it gets wet again.
"Mom, can I carefully consider your pipochku - I'd love to!" "I told you - everything you want! For, look ... "Yes, my mother knew a lot about this fact: before I had a chance to think, she turned, threw her leg over me, and it pisya was right in front of my face. Whether my love excitement, or anything else, but it seemed to me that I have never seen such a beautiful feminine slits in the magnificent frame of short curly hairs. And yet at the same time rounded ass full of beautiful thighs in stockings - a spectacle of inexpressible beauty! I considered it briefly: the desire to glare at this beautiful pussy teeth, licking, sucking lips and clitoris, tongue thrust inside as deeply as possible, it was stronger. Obviously we each got what he wanted, because, just come round with delight, I realized that my mother again with pleasure sucks and licks my rebel dick. (It would be very strange if he did not get up in this situation!). But now I realized that this time does not finish soon, and therefore allowed himself to savor their own sensations ...
[I must say that I really love to lick pussy, but ... only when it meets certain specific requirements - shape, color, fragrance, sensitivity, etc. Mom was ideal in every way. For a woman of her physique she had gently sponge, a small but very sensitive kliterok, and its fragrance, I think he could not breathe. When after ten days I went from it - extending the trip "the newly discovered circumstances, requiring my presence" - the last thing I did, standing already dressed in front of the door, I put my fingers into the wet mother's pussy, and then to the train station and even a little longer , still breathed and breathed in the scent of my mother's fantastically beautiful, very sorry that it gradually disappears.]
..."Mom, wait ... Give me a break ... Lie down next to ..." Mom, with some regret releasing my dick out of his mouth, lay nearby. "You have such a beautiful ass - round, appetizing ... feast for the eyes!" "The main thing - that you like ... But in fact I said so before, I remember ... Oh, and it was a long time ago ... But I know - men love to put a cancer woman ... oh, I'm saying "" nothing, nothing - I like when a woman in bed ... call a spade a spade ... I was very excited, "" Well, you have. - and this we have you in common! You know, in real life I follow the speech, but when a good muzhik ... "" Ebshsya "Laughing, Mother slapped me lightly on the lips:" That's it! So these words in a particular situation themselves somehow fly ... But - no one complained and did not mind ... I remember, before the marriage, at the time of the passion I have my boyfriend for the first time blurted out ... we can say? " "Of course!" "I suddenly, she did not wait, can suddenly said ...? ... "Fuck, fuck me properly!" So it is a little crazy not come down! "" That you said 'Fuck me!', And I twitched near the button! "" Well, nice! So it should be. A very sweet you ... "" Well, tell me, tell me ... "" ... sweet ... dick ... No, huchek ... I do not mean small, not at all, but in the sense - very nice ... delicious ... so gentle ... I have it from his mouth and would not let ... "
"Mom, I heard that his mother sometimes take in the mouth button of his young sons, is not it?" "I guess so, because I myself, when you were very, very crumbs, kissing you of everything, and certainly did not miss your tiny pisun ... I kiss and suck it like the sweetest candy ... the most amazing thing, that you thus at once oddly became silent ... Before this could cry, capricious, kick, play pranks, laughing, and as soon as I have it sucked you immediately - concentrated somehow - became silent ... "" I guess I'm scared like, only that I do not remember "" Still that was not enough -. you to remember ... Somewhere you were a little more than a year old, I no longer do it ... Although, I will not hide, I would be happy to continue to go on, but understand that you can not:. too seriously you feel about it "" that's where, perhaps, I love this business! I love it when I suck dick ... But since you did it now - it's something amazing ... Bliss incomparable! "
After this conversation I desperately wanted to fuck again, but I knew that with such a gorgeous woman I have to be in the best physical shape. Now I obviously needed a rest.
"Mom, do you remember? I have long wanted to ask you ... It was a long time ago, I was then ten or eleven ... We still were living in our room on the Neva, and my old bed for a child standing in front of your bed, remember? "" I remember, of course. .. We were scared to papanechkoy afraid to wake you ... He told me more her mouth shut so I would not scream ... but you, fortunately, was fast asleep! "" hard to something strong, but some vague memories I still left ... something uncertain, but very exciting ... but I'm pretty well-I remember once, when his father was out of town, we have a friend of yours ... as it is ... yes! - Uncle Dima! And he spent the night with us ... I for some reason he did not like. It is only then that I realized why: YOU seen liked him ... "My mother frowned, but not for long:" Well, sinner, sinner your mother ... What to do! I could not resist ... More Young was ... Give Bring guy ...
And then he just turned up ... All hope was your deep sleep ... So what are you, I wonder, have seen? If you've seen? "
"Yes, in fact of the matter is that I have seen very little - well, opened his eyes, and then almost immediately fell back, could not help with sleep. While the desire to see clearly been longer, I do remember. " "This is it, son of a bitch, persuaded me: 'sneaky little tea in his sleeping pills. ! To sleep stronger "So I went on about ... You will not fool me, sonny, sorry hindsight ... So what are you still saw" "What I saw for me since then? - most vivid erotic images. I'll Prizna&# 225; yus - because now we have no sexual secrets from each other is not - when for some reason I am a long time without a woman, and I feel like, well drained ... .. "" Tell me so directly - 'jerk' "" Yes, masturbate and cum. So I can never do this just for the mechanical hand movements: I have to close my eyes and visualize some very much an erotic image or situation. Only then did I finish.
And I'll tell you: I often imagine it is the very picture ... "" Yes, what is - you're intrigued me - tell me more, "" I see you standing on the bed on all fours, and the "Uncle Dima." Standing on his knees from behind, holding you by the hips and at the same time with the force of puts you in, it seemed to me, some kind of huge and thick stick! And you - I just remember - it then was clearly pleased, I realized this on your mind "" Well, it is necessary ... Who would have thought? I then argued - well, just a little more, and fast asleep ... Oh, how embarrassing ... "" Yes, what are you - on the contrary! This I owe retroactively say thank you! What would I be remembered himself at the right moment, if I had not seen you then "" Well, when you imagine all this, what are you - would like to be in his place? Or just - as viewed from the "" You know, at first, really, I'm more excited position of watching this scene?. I clearly see your insanely beautiful, full, round ass and tits, swaying in time with his strokes. Stunning erotic spectacle!
But, I will say - honest again - for the last time, I more and more I would like to mentally be in his place "" Now no longer want "" I want, how I want more ... "?
[Maybe it was the result of my story, but I felt that again madly want this beautiful, passionate woman who loves me sincerely and fully understand that I can be absolutely frank. Be yourself - feeling totally inaccessible when relations with any other women. There is always a kind of calculation is present. In varying degrees, but they always have to lie; I want to say one thing and have to say something else, even with the closest. Well, we can not just say, for example, this: "Hey, I like your friend Sveta. She has such a delicious thighs. I would fuck her with pleasure! "No! Resentment, scandal, etc. But in fact -. Nothing special, so just, frankly shared some vague and almost completely unfeasible desire, imagination ... It is said that women sometimes, when fucked represent that: a) they fuck with someone else, not to you; or b) with you, but at the same time even with one or two (or even more) the men at once. I do not know, I - not a woman.
But you try you ever say his partner - even when the most crazy fucked - "how I would like to now you're holding in your mouth even someone's dick!" Hassle no end! But only some - a fantasy! Yes, I wanted to say that. But to implement this in reality? I would be very thoughtful. Well, maybe if some superosobye circumstances ... I do not mean the occasional whore - here it is clear, gangbang, all all all respiratory-pihatelnye - and continued the Lady, to which feel certain affection ... But really to say about this think aloud and do not can! But at that moment, with my mother, everything was possible! How can I ask the Lady continued her: "Listen, you're as fucked Genka? Well, and how his dick? They say huge ... "- do not ask the same! It either will deny everything, or angry, or something else, but would not tell the truth. Because any partner's are some of his calculations. What kind of "calculations" Mom? Yes, no!
Marry Me, it will not make me money, too, will not solicit for "sexual services", etc. And because the only basis of such a relationship - a beautiful, pure sex between two truly loving each other and the closest people, sex is not marred by any ulterior motive or far-reaching plans and calculations].
... "It would be desirable, even as you want ... But you tell me first - I've been longing to know! - He really was some kind of a huge dick and it seemed to me, "Mom smiled:" You know, for a long time ... it was ... I vaguely remember - in fact we met quite a few ... No, I remember - it was so little, that I was with him ... At first, even painful nice - so healthy club ... But I quickly finished, and he's pecked and pecked me ... I already want to sleep, but he still needs and demands 'lie down like that, so ... Arise' Here's another thought - this, by the way, you're prompted me: he seemed to be able to pump me for hours, and I did not know that I would only do that so he finished .. . it turned out that he could finish, if I got up on all fours, and he was back ...
I do not know - that he was in this position so impressed ... "" But I know you have a stunningly beautiful ass - so accurate, complete, round "" Actually, he was pretty depraved man ... demanded, for example! that I was clutching his chest and shoved it between his penis and moved it before ... I do not even heard about that ... is that men can like? "" Oh, I, too, so I would like to! You have such beautiful big tits and sweet "" The main thing - that you like them! I told you - all the ladies who'll do what you want just ... "" And this uncle did not like the way "" With him? Yes, I really do not remember ... I was glad that he soon left ... He then called me a long time yet, he wrote, he asked to meet, but I firmly said "no!". Yes, and in general - I never really liked him arrogant bari such, you know, tough dogs with long bolts ... That's your papanechku I really liked: he was - like you! -. A gentle and affectionate "
"And where do you sought out this Uncle Dima?" "Yes, I was not looking for it at all! Accidentally happened ... Do you remember my friend Aunt Tanya? "" How well I remember! Tatyana, was a very beautiful woman ... or so it seemed to me ... "" No, you're right - it was a very dramatic woman. From fans she did not hang up. I was even a little jealous ... That's when our dad had gone on a long trip to Alma-Ata, I was bored, and she invited me to her. This guy was in it, and I realized that they did not just friendships. The evening was fun, drank hard, and she fell asleep. And he went to see me off. Well, you know ... he's not that he liked me so much, but the sporting interest: I am able to fight off her lover? It turned out - very simple ... And so it happened ...
Yes, to hell with him, it is not necessary that we talked so much about it .... "" Yes, something like that, but still: what I saw then - unforgettable ... Give me and so, too, - on my knees ... I want ... Come on your bed -. there you can see us in the mirror? "" Yes, yes, dear ... let's go ... you have it again so strong ... that's what youth ! "" Yes, I do wonder - this had not noticed him ... That you make me so excited ... "
Smiling and looking in the mirror, my mother got up on the bed on all fours, and before you shove your dick in her, I kissed her on both halves of the priests and another for a few moments admiring her posture, trying to remember every detail of this stunningly beautiful paintings. Several times I moved his prick on a damp sponge her cunt, making her sweet moan. It was clear that she wanted to fuck - maybe even more at this moment than me. "Come on, son ... Stick it to me soon ... Fuck my mom how to ... Fuck the way you like ... Oh, what did you get hard! ... Shove Get deeper ... utricle up ... Yes, yes ... That's good ... Oh ... fuck, fuck me harder ... zaebis ... "Without knowing much more interesting to look - at her mother or to our reflection in the mirror - I enthusiastically drove a trunk in her sweetest pussy, trying to get as deep as possible. I kissed her back, stroking the ass and thighs, pubic hairs fingered, fingered the bottom of her clit, swollen nipples twisted, squeezed her breasts wonderful .... I know for sure - never in my life have I experienced such bliss with any woman .. . And I realized that it is now up to the end of life will be in his fantasies to remember this amazing sexual picture.
... The next day I came back from the institute, my mother met me at home in the same sexy lingerie that was on it yesterday. That is what understanding, a real woman! Back in the hallway, she immediately undid my pants and pulled out my missed it and are already starting to wake up member. "Mom, tell me - but it's true as a luxurious gift you brought me?" - I asked, referring to her insanely sexy outfit, which, by the way, she almost always wore all the time while I was at it. "No it is not true. Here is my best gift - she said, gently kissing me in the head - this one and nobody ever gave! ".


We were to watch the path 13 or even more. As we drove, our eyes met often. We both really have not had sex. A long time ago. And here he is tired and stopped the car on the roadside. At first, we were silent and then he said: "May I kiss you?". And we kissed, it was a passionate kiss, his hand covered my thighs, ass, tits. We were very excited. Fortunately he had a very big car, well, not truck, but the interior was a great result in the shuttle bus.
We sat in the back seat. And I slowly began to undress, took off her blouse and bra, then turned and bent took off her skirt and panties so he could see my ass and asked that his dick. He was so excited that I could hear his rapid breathing. I sat between his legs, pulled his jeans and underpants ... ooo which had proved a huge dick !!! It is something! Thick dick with a huge pink, round, head. More were his unusually large eggs I licked long ... but more on that later. First I licked his head, but could not resist, and swallowed it entirely in the mouth, my tongue and rubbed at it from all sides, I sucked as much as she could. With one hand, at this time massaging his balls, and another wanker his dick in his mouth. I then sucked his dick in her mouth then threw, and the hand of his nadrachilavala. My drool and down his dick and his hand smeared them, drops running down his balls I also massaged. And here I am again swallowed his dick in his mouth this time I decided to swallow it to the end, I felt the lips and tongue, and its hardness is he tense, slowly swallowing it, I hurt a lot but I really wanted to do it ... in my anus flowed discharge from my pussy ... I really wanted it, and now I finally touched his lower lip eggs and upper pubic area ... he grabbed me by the hair and began to fuck in the mouth much ... how he fucked me in the mouth, it was something I choked I was hurt but nevertheless I felt pleasure from this, about 5 minutes he nabyval me in the mouth in the pussy.
Then I lay down on the floor of the car, and he sat on my chest and continued fucking my mouth. He almost sat on my face, went to him, his balls slapped my neck and chin he fucked me faster and faster, and finally but finished, he came straight into my stomach, then slowly took out a dick and was finishing in the mouth, I greedily swallowed his semen huge gulps but something that has emerged and smeared my face while I tongue polizyvat his head, how it is delicious. He took his dick out of my mouth, and wiped it on my swollen breasts. Drove by a dick in my belly, nipples, then pressed his head to my lips, I kissed his head. He asked me to pull the tongue and stroking his dick while gently caressing the head but not swallowing. It was a test, because I so wanted to swallow it again. I masturbate his dick licking the head may 3-4 minutes and he started to cum, semen part flew into my mouth, part of the face, in the nose, on the chin, on the forehead, he did a lot of ends, then I'm a decent girl brushed his dick in my mouth.
After that, he took me, put it on his knees and turned away from him, so I rested his elbows on the seat. He took the grease and began to gently massage my anus. stroked his fingers along the whole section, sometimes slapped on the ass, that is very much what I was screaming something very gently, he generously smeared my anus, and pressed his head to it. How it was nice, I myself pressed her ass to him and he came at me, at first, he slowly went in and out, then began very quickly to fuck me in the ass, his hands while he greedily squeezed my boobs, we were both moaning, eggs, he I fought against my pussy. I've never had it so good. Then he finished a long time to me, part of the sperm dripping pussy to ... I wanted him that she clung to him ass. He pulled his dick out of my priests, I felt so sad, I would like that he would never come out. But he came on my back and ass, it was also a delight. After that he asked me to get off the seat and become a cancer, and I did. He grabbed me by the hair, and touched the head of my clitoris, I was very excited, I leaned back to him and he came to me. He fucked me like a dog, slapped me on the ass, it seemed to me that he comes to my heart, this is not an incomparable pleasure! I kayfovat whole by a pussy. He literally crammed me with sperm, the sperm remains of wiping the head with my hair. Odell pants and left the car and left me alone to expire sperm and moan.
This was our first sex, on the other cases, I will write later.


The hospital Alexei upekli voenkomatovskaya medical board. In just a few years earlier he had suffered some sort of disease, and now the draft board decided to see how he is healthy. As explained to the attending physician, I was worried about. With this diagnosis, he had almost a full guarantee that the army will not take it, but all the required procedures must still be followed.
Alex was in the House, where there were still five of his "colleagues". Some openly "mowed" from the army.
In a couple of days, nothing much happened. Conventional procedures, tests and the like. On the third afternoon he called the nurse on duty.
- Tomorrow morning you have a picture, - she said - not today, dinner, evening wash, and in the morning - shot.
- What's tonight? - Did not understand Alex.
- Enema - explained sister - or himself do to help you?
- Sam himself - Alex assured her.
Imagine that washing it will make a young girl, just a couple of years older than him, he could not even in a nightmare. He was determined to do everything himself.
- Procedural be unlocked, - said the nurse, - only not stupid.
- There - Alex snapped and humorously saluted.
In all seemed pretty simple theory. Friends in the ward, quickly explained Alexey what and how to do it. Even went with him to the treatment and showed all in place.
- Here, look, - he explained Sasha - this mug. Mug was hanging on a stand about 2 meters high, green rubber container, like a water bottle, a long rubber tube - This tips - Sasha took from standing in the corner of the glass-fronted cupboard dark glass jar, where some solution lay five six or rounded at the end of thick glass tubes. - This mineral oil, - Sasha pulled out of the closet yet another jar of clear liquid - to lubricate. Inserts the tip of the tube, pinch it, collect water and hung on a tripod, - explained Sasha - You lay down on the couch, paste, - Sasha made an eloquent gesture - Lying about five minutes, until the water is over - then there - Sasha opened the door to toilet - there is even a bidet! I got it?
- It seems to have understood.
- Well, then everything will turn out. Most importantly - do not spare the water. If the image does not work, you attending his head blown off.
In the evening, after waiting until the rest compartment, Alex went to wash. Entrance to the treatment was of a vast hall, which was at the center of a long, old construction, hospital building. On one side of the hall out of the male branch of the corridor, on the other - the female. Procedural, like Hall, it was common to the two offices. In the afternoon the hall was a meeting place and entertainment - local hangouts. Now, late in the evening, the light was extinguished. The lobby was dark and empty.
Alex came to the treatment, found on the wall switch and turned on the light. It is time to carry out in practice, received the day specified. At first all went well. Alex took a mug from a tripod, I put the tip of the tube and poured into it two liters of water. Then he hung up the mug back on the tripod. The tube is secured next to it, so that water is not poured. Pulling out of the closet with a jar of Vaseline oil, he placed it on the table next to the couch.
Before we get naked, Alex decided to lock the door. Just in case. There he waited for the first trouble. Latch, which was supposed to lock the door was broken, and my sister has left key. Hoping that time and later to the treatment no one will come, he just closed the door on the rag.
After removing off the hospital gown and underwear, Alex was in a T-shirt. He sat down on the couch, picked up the receiver and then the nightmare began. It turned out that it is very difficult not letting go of the hands of the tube, go right, to lubricate the tip and get them yourself in: The handset is constantly slipping out of hand. Water sprayed. And reach over his head to a jar of oil was quite impossible.
The situation was hopeless. Rinsing should have been done during that whatever the cost, but the physical ability to do so did not have any. As a result of his circus Alex found himself lying on the couch with his back to the door frantically clutched in one hand and a pipe. All wet and red with resentment. He was ready to give up and go to the post to call the nurse.
At that moment there was a sound that threw Alexei into a cold sweat. Behind him the door opened. Leaning over his shoulder, he saw the girl's face, to look into the treatment room.
- Thank God - thought Alex - she came to check what's going on.
- Here - Alex showed her the phone - it does not work. Will you help me?
- I will help, - the door opened wider and procedural entered the girl, but not a nurse.
It was one of the women's section of patients. Cute, about the same age as Alex. He had seen her in the lobby. He realized that he had confused her with a nurse, but it was too late. Froze in surprise, Alex continued to stare at the girl. Beautiful face, blond, shoulder-length hair. Short robe did not hide beautiful legs. Small breasts stand out a bit through the fabric. He is pulling off a thin waist belt, emphasizing the beautiful thigh. This opinion Alexei noticed almost automatically. She hesitated at the door and looked at Alexis. Both were extremely embarrassed.
Alex was ready to fall on the ground in shame. Just think about it! Met a girl like this. The main thing is to make friends in the ward did not know - shame will be on all the department. Representing, as he looks back, he blushed even more. She also blushed, but tried not to let on.
She walked over to the couch and, taking the phone from his hand and hung it back on the rack. Now Alex had the opportunity to lie down comfortably.
- You have appointed a snapshot of tomorrow? - Asked the girl.
- Uh-huh.
- Me too. I've pulled up to the last moment. While all do not lay down.
- And I - Alex grinned.
- I never set myself an enema itself. Only mom made me a couple of times as a child - a girl's voice sounded notes of embarrassment - I'm afraid I also did not work.
- I also never set, - said Alexei and unexpectedly even to himself suggested - if you want, I'll help you, too?
For a few seconds was a pause. Apparently, she was confused by his proposal. She even stopped to do something behind him. Looking back, Alex saw that she wiped the water from the floor near the couch.
- Can I still manage:
- And if you can not manage?
- I hesitate, - the girl said softly.
- I - too, - said Alex - it was a decisive argument.
- Good. What's your name?
- Alexey.
- Jana.
- Very nice.
Ian took from the table a jar of oil dipped back glass tip and hung it back on the rack. Then there she dipped a finger ....
- Preload feet closer to the stomach - Alex lay in the fetal position and suddenly felt that Ian oil lubricates his anus. This feeling led to a rapid erection that Alex groaned.
- What hurts? - Anxiously I asked Ian, but noticing the standing member, who tried in vain to cover up Alexey hands smiled and turned away.
Corner of his eye Alex saw Ian took the tip, lowered it so that all the air went out, and pinch the tube. After that, Alex turned to the wall and the rest could only feel. Jan brought the tip to his anus, hesitated a moment, and then easily introduced him to 10 centimeters inside and let go of the tube. From this new sensation Alex almost did not finish. The first shock has passed and now the very idea that such a pretty girl gives him an enema, was able to bring to orgasm.
Alex had expected Yang will turn away or something until it is, but instead she sat on a chair behind him. Alex could only guess what she considered the details. Himself he thought that there is nothing more foolish than to lie on his side with his legs pulled up and the rubber tube in:
Water gurgled softly, filling its interior. At first it was tolerable, then it became a little painful. He turned over.
- Much else is there? - He asked over his shoulder.
- Less than half - said Ian, feeling the mug - a little more patience - her hand fell to the feet of Alexis and began softly stroking.
It took another few minutes. Once again, feeling the mug Ian said:
- Now it is enough. Go - and gently took the phone.
Alex strained every effort to quickly hobble to the bathroom. Ian watched him smile. The next few minutes later Alex tried not to remember. It seemed to him that the sounds he makes, spread on all room. When it was over, he washed and returned to the treatment. Jan, slightly flushed (of course she had heard), hung on a tripod filled mug. Alex thought she prepares everything for myself, but I was mistaken.
- Lie down, - commanded by Jan.
- What for?
- We must once again make it clear. I always did my mother twice.
- Yeah, okay, so it is normal, - Alexey did not want to experience it again.
- Want a picture has not turned out?
Poupiravshis to mind, Alex lay still. Repeat the procedure. Ian was right - the second time was needed.
- Nothing - I thought Alex - you also need twice.
When Alex came a second time out of the closet, Ian has refilled the cup, disposable tips and downcast eyes, standing next to the couch.
- I ask, - Alex gestured.
- Turn around, please - Jan looked him in the eye.
Alex turned away obediently. The cabinet door he could see everything that is happening behind him. Jan untied the belt and removed the robe. It was a nightgown underneath. Hesitated a little - to remove or roll - she removed his shirt over his head. There was nothing under the jacket. Alex managed to see the wide hips, narrow waist and small breasts. Jan lay on the couch and curled her legs.
- It is possible, - she said quietly.
Alex turned. Soothe was a member, elastically again rose to the stomach. He never got dressed and was now only a T-shirt. Kind lying on his side with his back to Yana few people can remain indifferent. Slim hip steep climb going into a narrow waist. Rounded buttocks with traces of last year's Sun slightly parted, revealing the most intimate place for women. Even from the back it was obvious that Jan blush with embarrassment.
Alex approached and took from the table a jar of oil. By doing the same thing and Jan, he first dipped to tip. Then, dipping the finger, sat. Between the buttocks slightly dispersed, he saw a dark wrinkled ring anus. Below, in the hollow between his feet, he could see the tightly compressed lips fold larger. They were clean-shaven. Dipping a finger into the oil again, he rubbed the area around the anus. Ring several times convulsively clenched and unclenched. Ian began to breathe faster. Finally, as if by chance, he touched his finger folds between the legs. Ian jerked slightly, but said nothing. Finally it was the turn of the chief. Alex picked up the phone, let the air out of it, how did Ian, and examples carefully brought her. Ian quietly gasped and fell silent.
Alex sat down and waited. View Yana with a tube sticking out it was extremely exciting. Alex simply could not take his eyes off her. His hand automatically began to stroke standing member, and his eyes sought out more and more new details.
- I think I'm going to explode - plaintively said Ian a couple of minutes - Alex got up and felt mug. It was full of more than half.
- It is too early. Be patient. It is now held - Jan was quiet for another minute.
- Because I now have flow - Jana's voice was whiny.
- Please be patient - Alex came up and stroked Jan thigh, and then bent down and kissed her.
- Stroke is still, - it distracts me.
Alex began to lightly stroke his back, buttocks and thighs Jana. She calmed down. Her breathing became more audible, and a couple of minutes later, he noticed that the gap between the jaws began to trickle transparent, thickish liquid. At this point, the water in the circle almost reached its end. Cautioning Jan, he slowly took his pipe out of her anus. Ian quickly jumped up, do not hesitate to Alexis, and, holding the ass, ran to the bathroom. Her eyes could read the excitement. Alex did not notice it. He literally devoured the eyes of her body.
While Ian was in the toilet, he refilled a mug, hung it on a tripod and waited. Ian appeared a few minutes later flushed. Apparently, it is visited by the same ideas. Alex got another opportunity to see Ian. He noted that, despite a slight increase, it is composed of surprisingly proportionally. Hips seemed even steeper due to a thin waist. Breasts were small with pink protruding nipples. Alex wanted to touch them. On the left was a small pubic hair neat triangle. The rest of the fold was clean-shaven. This gave Jan resemblance to the little girl. Alex gestured again.
- And so let's try, - said Ian emboldened and stood up on the couch on all fours. Moreover, its high priest was battened down and his legs apart, - I saw so the pictures.
- Come on, - said Alexei and took a jar of oil.
At this time, lubricating the anus, Alex tried a bit to get inside. And he succeeded. Then Ian imperceptible movement pushed it back. Enter the handset, he did not wait, and immediately began to stroke Yan, moving farther and farther away. Gradually, his left hand took over the breast, and the right stroked between her legs. Yan did not resist. Soon the whole right hand Alexei was wet from the lubricant. Sponges slightly swollen and parted. Alex carefully (if Ian woman) tried to get a finger into the vagina. He succeeded. Ian stood with his eyes closed and sometimes moaning softly or from water poured into it, either from excitement .... From time to time she opened her eyes and cast a glance at stake standing member of the Alexis. By the time when the water came to an end, Ian was ready to finish. Alex gently pulled up, and Jan again rushed to the toilet.
While she was gone, Alex began to restore order. He already puts everything in the closet when Ian came out of the closet. She was not ashamed of their nakedness, like Alex. Both were extremely excited views of each other and very unusual situation. Both were afraid of what the other is now gone, and all over. Both were afraid to take the first step. Finally Ian walked over to Alex, threw her arms around his neck and clung to him and said quietly:
- How easy it was formed around the body - Alex looked into her eyes, and after a moment of lips met.
A few minutes later they were kissing like crazy. Yan whole body pressed against Alexey. He felt her breasts. His hard dick rested against her stomach. Hands Alexey caressed my back and buttocks Jana. When he is in a fit too tightly squeezed them, Jana squeaked quietly, keeping his lips on the lips of Alexei.
- I want you, - whispered to Alex.
- Come, - Ian walked over to the couch and lay down.
Alex took off his shirt and lay down beside him. Jan lay on her back, legs spread wide. Her vagina oozed abundantly clear liquid, half-closed eyes. Alex was in no hurry. First, he pressed his lips to one nipple and then the other. From caresses they hardened, and every touch gave Jan a sweet torment. Under his kisses Jan writhed and moaned. He felt her hands on his head sent down to stretch his legs. He did not resist, and soon his lips touched the pubic hair triangle. Now he could see all the details. From excitement her lips slightly swollen and dispersed. Clean-shaven skin glistened from the abundance of flowing liquid. Excited clitoris red tubercle performed between the jaws. From Jana I came not strong, but very exciting smell. Picking up the ass by Ian, Alex passionately kissed her between the legs. He tried to absorb all the leaking liquid. That made Jan hide in convulsions. Walking language in all nooks, he finally focused on the clitoris. Now Ian lay legs held high. With both hands, she pressed her head Alexei to his clitoris. Her breathing became heavy and intermittent. With one hand, Alex reached for her breasts, and the other two fingers introduced into the vagina. For a few seconds - and Ian groaned loudly, roughly finished.
Alex lay on top of her. She arched, substituting the vagina and his penis easily slipped inside. Both gave themselves to capture their passion. Alex worked as a machine. The vagina was soft, warm and smooth. Member Alexei slid inside without encountering obstacles. Ian grabbed his feet. Her hands tightly hugged his neck. Alex grabbed her buttocks.
- Inside you can not now - Ian whispered.
- Do not worry.
A few minutes passed. During this time in the room heard only heavy breathing Alexei and Yana soft moans.
- Can I get up? - Ian asked in a whisper.
- Of course, - I have agreed to Alex and rose.
Jan got on all fours back to Alexei and slightly bent. At the same time her buttocks parted and Alex saw slightly open the vagina, clitoris and tight bump narrow ring anus. He suddenly wanted to caress the entrance, and he clung to his tongue. Ian paused for a moment in surprise, and then faster and faster start to move to the beat of affection. Alex felt under his tongue anus literally alive. It is expanded, and then the language Alexis penetrates, it shrank, pushing out the language. One hand massaged Jan clit, and soon, her orgasm shook. Alex pulled away from Ioannina anus and again entered her. He held her by the hips and sharp movements drives the dick in her vagina. Her hand frantically massaging the clitoris. She came again, and then, without stopping again. Thumb Alexei lying on her anus. When Ian finished and anus relaxed, finger penetrated inside. Now Alex through the thin partition could feel his hard dick.
- Can I go there, - said Alexei.
- And it will be very painful?
- If you can relax, do not.
- Then smazh better, - said Ian after a short pause.
Now, again, it was the turn jars of oil. Alex thickly smeared around and inside the anus and also joined with his cock. Ian was on the couch with his head down low. From this her ass it was up high. To avoid accidentally yell she bit the edge of her nightgown. Alex put his his penis to her anus and slowly began to press. At first, nothing happened. Then, when Jan was able to cope with fear and relax, head slowly slipped inside. Alex had to restrain myself. Excitement was so great that one would like to drive traffic to the member base, but every wrong move Alexei forced Jan to moan loudly. Alex felt that she was in pain, but she decided to endure the torture to end. A minute later the whole cock was already inside. After waiting a little while Ian gets used to the new sensation, Alex began to move slowly. The anus, unlike the vagina, impacted member and excitement Alexis was quickly escalate.
- Can you finish there - quietly Yang said.
- Good.
Alex began to gradually accelerate the movement. Jan moaning in time with his movements. Her hand was back on the clitoris, and soon she came again. At the same time Alex almost screamed. His cock was as if in a vice.
Hands Alexei Yanin lying on the buttocks and gently squeezed them. The narrow waist and round ass, were rather erotic spectacle, further contributed to the excitement. When Alex felt he could no longer hold back, he asked:
- Can I slap you?
- Yes - I gasped Ian.
Alex briefly swung and slapped Jan smack. Ian briefly cried, her anus tightened, and that was the last straw. Not holding back, to loud groans Yana it several times with the force drove dick in her tight ass and finished. His head was buzzing, his eyes swam colored circles. He did not fall only because he continued to hold on to Janina ass. When the ability to perceive the world came back, he saw a pink imprint of his five fingers on her right buttock. Member quite opal and easily slipped out. The anus was slightly ajar, and from there flowed a thick white liquid. Ian stood and turned to Alex hugged and kissed. Alex noticed in her eyes tear. Then she bent down and kissed his penis.
- Not a bad enema - she said, and ran to the bathroom to wash and Alex left to recover.
It was late and they were turning off the lights, and went to their wards.
- Well, then, all right, - Sasha asked when Alex began to go to bed.
- Yes, order.
The next morning, Alex again met Ian at the X-ray room. She went smiled and said:
- Can the procedure be repeated? - And he puts his hand a piece of paper.
When Alex opened it, there were only a name ... "Yana" and telephone. Alex tried to remember where is their old circle.

A train

My road led me to the train, Odessa - Kiev.
It was some sort of early train (at 17:30 in my opinion, I do not remember ... the train arrives early at six in the morning). I tend to arrive early to the train, so did now. I wasted no time, quickly spread things on the shelves, took the food laid out on the table and changed. Before leaving the train in the compartment she came ...
She has not been accompanied, she went quietly, quietly greeted. I helped put the bags came out. It is a long time to change. The train started, picked up speed and raced from Odessa. I called my mother and said that rode safely. He began to accompany the landscape, escapes into the distance. She opened the door, inviting inside.
I went and sat down opposite. Introduced. "Hope" - she said softly. I secretly began to look at her. In view of 45-50. Points in the small frame, sweet perfume. Reddish colored hair, chemicals, curls in a sense. It looks good, well-groomed hands, manicure, pedicure, pink heels, soft. Chest large, regular shape, the nipples forward. I could not help but pay attention to it - she was sitting in a big T-shirt and leggings - straight legs, a little stout, a little tummy, you can say almost without him. Apparently sensing my opinion, she hid the legs with a blanket, but covered legs began to attract the attention of even more.
I looked at her breasts, his fingers on the legs and lips. To touch her body look, thinking that she shaved or not, and in what position she prefers to have sex, whether she likes experimenting in bed, for example, if accustomed to anal .... In general, half an hour of reflection and scrutiny of Hope I wound up so tightly that sweet tormented in the stomach and I climbed up on a shelf. She remained seated at the bottom of the window, having covered his feet, began to read some of a small book. Speaking little, I mean little ... because I was happy that she was no longer all because it is clear and I kept looking at the top ... I was seized with a strange feeling. A sense of reciprocity, whether that - I felt like I wanted to hope. She especially did everything to get my attention. Gentle fingertips took jars of cream, gently smeared hands. I felt her scent mixed with the smell of perfume. Gentle and soft, the smell of women. I have a strong smell, and I lay there and enjoyed it in the eyes of not only ...
She was breathing and her chest rose and fell. From the car rocking, swaying her breasts too. I'm lying on my stomach on the top shelf, he is also moving in this rhythm. My desire was so great that the resting member in the mattress, I felt that I rest in her lips ... - In a moment I push the wet and hot slit and she, Hope, gasp and rolling his eyes take me to himself until the uterus, hugging me legs, a member of the vagina, back, arms ... and we will continue to sway in the rhythm of the car and the whole steppe that surrounds us, and the fading evening and all things will move us in the same rhythm.
I continued to inhale her scent, kissing her breasts, a little soft, but grateful to the men's affection. She did not look at me when I plunged into her hot greedy to caress the body. She was lying, and turned away, staring at the wall. Her eyes were swollen from crying. She cried.
It was strange. Tears of happiness. Tears of trust and separation.
I have not tried her ass, I did not offer to kiss a member ...- it was superfluous - aesthetics of this intercourse was stronger and more majestic.
Yes, she moaned and cried. She was crying, perhaps, afford to relax, swim through the waves of men's caresses, as if in the heart untie the knot and therefore streaming down his cheeks tears ... She wiped them away, saying nothing and no explanation and quietly moaning .. I stroked her leg, white and sweet , I admired its whiteness and fullness. Strangely, the thought flashed, a woman aged body is young, only the hands, feet and face issues of age sadness. Stroking her thigh, his hand clutching her ass, pushing the buttocks with both hands, clutching a member within it, as if to compensate for the lack of elasticity vlagalischa..Chitatel, do you remember the rhythm of the train? Every two seconds. Tutu - tutuk .... Tutu - tutuk ....
Slowly and slowly. The perfect rhythm. Just right. The train rocked us, carried away to the place where the sun had set. It does not afford any manifestations of orgasm. Only a blind eye, cutting the tear way back, pushing her into the flight on the pillow, which angle was tormented in his hands greedily swallowed air, licked his lips and panting ..
She came as no one ever with me ..
She began to fall like somewhere where the heat and dark, and the only sounds - heartbeat and the sound of wheels. Tutu - tutuk ... .. Tutu - tutuk .... she came for a long time and safely. Not like me.
Not writhing in convulsions, forgetting where the top and bottom, and about how long it lasts all. I feel it is a member. An echo of her sensations are transmitted to me. I choked on my warm covers the jets, which bathed Hope. I did not know her as a person, but I think that it was such as peaceful and quiet as it flooded the orgasm. Was this, as quiet as it is a long flight in the waves of orgasm. It smelled really good. Armpits, vulva smell, the smell of breath - all that can instantly beat off appetite - it was sweet and light. We ate with pleasure and appetite without interrupting the meal. Long we ate and were filled each other. Each in its own way .... She - not looking at me. I - voraciously eating her eyes. Kissing her nipples, I thought about the taste of her milk. Thinking about the taste of her milk, inhaling her sweet scent - sweet and heady ...
It is and it is good. Wide hips, white belly.
Small rastyazhechki, beautiful cat - smooth lips, small lips do not stick, does not protrude, neat, ebony. I saw after I closed the vagina and runs her clear, thick juice.
I love the taste. I actually was tired amazed her, it was all clean, as though taking a shower in front of the train.
In the endless night I understood the meaning of words "surrendered to". She lay waiting for courtship and pleasures. She takes pleasure in becoming a food, the victim, a young man a slave. It was one meeting. She was not destined to be repeated. Our dance to the rhythm of the train is unique. Its dawn broke the roar of the tow, interrupting my sleep ... I lay there and looked at the seeming ghost in the air of dawn, the ceiling in front of him, without being able to understand where the dream and which reality ... Underbelly sweetly moaning and touching look to mild forms of his sleeping mistress , discharged into the hand ...
I still do not know. Maybe it was necessary to sit down beside her and kissed her ear. Whispered some kind word and enjoy its hunger and the feeling when she eats me and I absorb it and saturating it with warmth.


A girl of fifteen years in the late evening returning home from a friend. Her name was Alice. She had a beautiful figure, curly brown hair, big brown eyes. The scarlet mouth was delicate shape, making it look like a beautiful flower.
Alice's parents went on a business trip and had to stay all alone. She did not like to sleep alone, it scared her, so her home did not want to. Alice decided to walk, and she went aimlessly. Suddenly I went to the heavy rain, she was soaked through, but it was pretty far from home. The rain fell so that it was difficult to see anything. Suddenly, from the corner of the car and left, driving through a puddle, Alice sprayed from head to toe. The driver apologized:
- I'm sorry, just in the dark, and even in the rain it is difficult to navigate in space, - opening the door of the machine, he said.
- Nothing, I'm all wet and so, - a slight smile, she said, shouting over the noise of the rain.
- Well, sit down with me in the car'll pick me even get warm.
Alice did not want to be alone, and a man, like, trustworthy, and she climbed into his car.
His apartment was warm and cozy. Anton (the name of a man) suggested the girl take a shower immediately, giving her his summer shirt that she had changed. After showering mood Alice immediately improved, and dressed, she came into the living room, where Anton was sitting. He was handsome: muscular shoulders, pumped up torso, beautiful, straight nose, expressive gray eyes. They got to talking. It turned out that he was 25 years old, 2 years ago, a university graduate, is now working in a bank accountant. He received quite a lot of money, but soon he even going to improve. He told me also that once worked tekvondo. Alisa also told a little about me: she was in the 9th grade, she studied German and English. Anton listened to her with interest, and then asked why at this hour she chatted in the street, and even in the rain. After telling about the parents, she asked him for permission to stay for the night. It is somehow strange looked at her and asked: "Are not you afraid?". She did not answer, but, nonetheless, stayed with him.
He went into the kitchen, and she remained in the living room and looked at her. Very comfortable room: a pair of soft sofas, armchair, beautiful curtains on the windows of the room a large carpet with an intricate pattern, the TV in the corner. Near the window, a wall, standing cabinet with transparent doors. Alice looked back and saw the beautiful cups and medals, which, apparently, were obtained in the competitions Anton. She stared at them carefully, not to notice as he walked into the room. Gradually coming closer, he wrapped his strong arms around her waist. She roused herself, screamed. He whispered in her ear: "I really like you." She wanted to resist, but he was much stronger than her. His hot lips he kissed her neck ... She felt lonely boat, while he was a raging ocean, felt his strength, power, and started strongly excited.
At that moment, a shirt that was on it already lay on the floor, and Anton, covering hot kisses her body, to unbutton her bra. She moaned with pleasure, nipples stiffened, panties became wet. He sank lower and lower, and soon her panties were on the floor, too. He led her gentle movements to the couch and pushed him. Then he took off his shirt and pants, was in his shorts. He lay down next to her and continued to caress her body, one hand gently held his fingers on the clitoris, stroking his crotch, while the other fondled her breasts. She experienced a strong orgasm, and her feet flowed grease. Feeling very weak, Alice completely calmed down and felt the incredible bliss. He got inside her vagina with your fingers, and they came to the hymen. Then he whispered in her ear: "You ready?". She said almost inaudibly: "Yes ...."
He took off his pants, and she saw his big cock and frightened. But he reassured her and said that if she relaxed, it will be almost no pain. Then he gently put the head of the penis between her sex lips and forcefully pushed him. At first she felt a sharp pain, but after a moment she was very good. He stepped up the pace of aftershocks continued to fondle her breasts. She moaned with pleasure ... Very soon, Alice experienced the strongest orgasm and felt exhausted, but absolutely happy. In order to avoid the consequences, Anton took his cock and cumshot on her stomach. Both feel just fine.
Alice then went to the shower to wash off the blood and semen, and he followed her, and there are long and passionately kissing. After that, they went to his bedroom and made love again.
- You can, I'll come to you? - Alice asked, lying in the arms of Anton.
- Of course, I'll always be happy - he whispered softly.
And they both fell asleep.

Debt (end)

Chapter Five.
Meanwhile, Sergei continued to serve his mistress. He practiced the debt, but already knew that freedom will never come, he had no choice but to put up with their situation. He knew that the rest of his life, he will have to be held in slavery. For Victoria, it was just a thing, she did not pay him the slightest attention. He took care of all its needs and requirements, and it takes it for granted. When her sister came, Sergei knocks down trying to serve and cater to two hostess. But he rarely succeeded, sisters to each other competed in sadism, each trying as hard as possible to cause more pain and servant more humble.
One day, as always, Sergei did chores around the house Mistress, his work suddenly interrupted by a call, called Mistress.
-The dog, now I come with a friend, prepare a nice dinner, and warn you that you did everything that you would order my girlfriend. Any of her order, she did not want to, you have to comply with particular zeal, it is very demanding, even my sister than her angel. And just try to embarrass me in front of her, I'll go down with you to the living skin. See that everything was top notch.
Sergei realized that Mrs. call not just today and he will have to try hard. He almost tongue licked the dining room and hallway, brought around the house perfect order. Then he proceeded to cook dinner. He has prepared a very complex dishes, recipes are read in cookbooks. Sergei always liked to cook, he had this talent. When he lived alone, he constantly experimented with cooking. When dinner was ready, he started serving table. He chose the best dishes, set up the equipment in accordance with etiquette, decorate the table. He surpassed himself, so to set the table and prepare a meal, it never worked.
He heard a car alarm and rushed to open the gates. Lady came with a stunning blonde. Sergei opened the car door, first Lady, then ran around the car and opened the door for her friend. Girls are not paying any attention to the servant, about something talking, we went into the house. Sergey obligingly opened the door in front of them. Skipping mistresses, he quickly overtook them and stood them on their knees in the hallway.
- Vic, this one instance, your pet, - said the guest.
- Yes, Yulia, this is my servant.
- It looks nothing ekzemplyarchik, let's see to what extent, and how he trained. Judging by your words, this is the perfect servant.
While Sergei was shooting boots with a guest, he was trying to get a better look carefully it. Julia was very beautiful, but the beauty of it seemed artificial, her blue eyes were cold in his eyes looked through neglect and arrogance to everything. It was obvious that she was very cruel, and mercy from it is unlikely to be. Vic turned to her friend:
- Come into the hall, which is located where you want, I'll be right there and show you the house.
Servant Mistress began to take smb. Shoes off. While he was taking off her shoes, she asked him:
- You've done everything that I ordered.
- Yes, Madam, - said Sergei, looking down at the floor.
- As we have dinner?
- I've already set the table.
- I'll go, show Julia house, and you go to the kitchen and wait for us there.
While Vick Julia showed his house, Sergei added the final touches to the table setting.
The girls visited the house and went down to the dining room.
- Not bad in your house Vic, I liked it, most importantly, it is very cozy.
- Yul not be shy no worse than yours.
Julia drew attention to the well-laid table, it was really a masterpiece, even for Victoria, it was a pleasant surprise. Luster table of gold and silver, made of the finest porcelain flatware, glasses of fine Venetian glass, candles in elegant candlesticks, bunches of flowers, a vase of exotic fruits and more attached dining atmosphere of a fairy tale.
- Vic, I see, you're a slave trained special manners.
- Yes, using the carrot and pltok.
She laughed at his own joke.
- It worked to his advantage, really, you did not disappoint me, my friend.
Rab previously pushed chairs to Lady able to sit comfortably.
- Victoria, congratulations, table really well served, not to find fault, now try as your servant cook.
Victoria had rave reviews about the slave friend she had known Julia, she is almost never praised slaves, especially strangers.
- Rab, begin to serve us - told Victoria.
Sergey has decided to start the service with the guest. He put it in a bowl that she asked, and poured a glass of wine. Then he did the same for her mistress.
- Well, that during the meeting, for a long time we have not seen, - said Vick toast.
- During the meeting, - Julia said.
They made a few sips of wine and began to eat. Julia tasting food Vick said:
- In fact your servant prepares delicious, he is, what a professional chef.
- No, he was just a programmer, working in my company, and decided to appropriate my money, but was quickly split, now he works off the debt.
- If not a secret, he stole a lot?
- Seven hundred thousand euros.
- Wow his appetites, probably wanted to live richly. It is your money back.
- No, he did not return, no one knows where they are, and therefore fulfills the duty. He volunteered to be my slave, yet will not work until the last penny his duty, and when to end the debt I myself decide.
- Strange as it did not find the money, I would have knocked out a confession which he cases the money.
- There's a dark story, let's better otoydm on this topic, and we will enjoy this wonderful wine and dinner.
- Dinner is really delicious, the slave is also able to serve, it is clear that the tone is very well schooled, only that it is not enough livery for solemnity.
- Indeed, I know and have thought necessary in the future to buy him a livery.
Friends enjoying dinner were a relaxed conversation, Sergei as he could, tried, he tried to foresee any desire mistress, for tonight he did not commit a single error does not, to him it was not for that fault. Having finished with dinner, Victoria ordered the servant,
- Feed us, now we want to have fun. Yuille, you wanted to know how the slave suffers pain now see itself in practice.
- It is interesting to see how this pig will writhe under the blows of whips.
Girls already pretty drunk, and their sadistic nature demanded action. The hostess again turned to his servant:
- It's time to visit our favorite room in the basement.
- Vic, and that thy slave, the collar is available, and there is no leash.
- This is your huge miscalculation, a slave. Where the leash?
- But Madame, you yourself have not let me wear a leash, without further notice.
Hearing these words, Julia rose from her chair, walked over to a slave and inflicted a heavy blow on the face with his fist, then another. Sergei did not expect this. From a broken nose and lips I sweated blood.
- Scum, how dare you, argue with Mistress. Vic, it is bad you have raised, I had a better opinion of him, and he tries to talk back to her mistress.
Victoria also rose from the table and began to approach the servant. Her eyes were narrowed, opinion, was very angry, and do not bode well.
- For his audacity, creature, you will pay much you filled for a long time today penalty.
It dealt a punch to the solar plexus slave. Sergey doubled over, he tried to gain a deep breath to relieve the pain. But I did not have time to do so as a second blow followed. Julia with force by the hair and lifted his head heavily and slumped on his knee. Severe pain and painful shock, the servant fell to the floor. On it immediately showered blows shoes mistresses. They beat him, not looking where, for them it was the only thing they did not care about the health of the servant, and were trying to satisfy their sadistic tendencies. Julia tried to get increasingly on slave face, first Sergei tried as possible to cover the body ... but his hands were repulsed, he overcame a painful shock, have already lost consciousness and could not escape from the shock, he was now the still, where he fall teacher.
Girls tired of beating a slave.
- Vic enough with him, and the whole buzz zabem and broken off, we need even more subtly make fun of him.
- You're right, friend, let's have a drink of wine, and that while I personally raised a slave, is tired.
- The dog that sprawled quickly poured us wine.
Sergei tried to get up, but it had turned out badly. Its just staggering, he rested his hands on the floor, then got up on his knees, he was shaking, he could not keep his balance and fell to the floor again. His clumsiness, only angered his mistress. Victoria approached the man lying on the floor, kicked him in the side with a sharp-toed shoes, and then put the shoe on his face and press down firmly.
- Rab, you did not hear what you said, you did today finally brought out of yourself. Quickly I got up and served.
Sergei as he could, concentrated, struggled to his knees and crawled to the table. He rose from his knees and poured into glasses of wine and the girls back down on his knees. Vick told the servant,
- While we drink wine, we lick the soles of shoes, and that while we will punish you, they got splashed on your ugly body. Start licking Julia.
They drank wine, Sergei carefully licking the soles of shoes Yulin.
- It is better to lick that on the bottom do not have even the slightest speck of dust. I will check how you coped with his honorable duty. Vic, you spoil your slave, to deserve the honor of kissing the soles of my shoes, my servants have to try very hard.
- Nothing can be done, I will destroy my goodness.
Sergei Ulin licked the soles of shoes. She told me to take off her feet one at first, and then the other shoe and submit it. Meticulously examined them, she did not find any flaws and job satisfaction remained a slave, but he did not say anything.
The slave went to licking his shoes Lady. He tried to keep his hostess too was pleased with his efforts, and it had turned out.
- Well, Yuille, go to continue the punishment. Rab, quickly fasten the leash and give me. Sergei crawled on his knees for the leash in his mouth and brought it and gave it to Lady.
- So much better, and even think that stipulated.
Victoria with the guests rose from the table and went to the basement, to the torture room. Victoria and was dragged for a servant leash like a dog.
- Yuille Now, look my room for punishment and at the same time try everything in practice. Here we are.
They came to the room, Victoria turned on the light. The room was consistency in the red-black colors. It was a huge room, there was a lot of machines and devices for torture, both current and those that come from the Middle Ages, but were made by modern masters. On the walls hung all sorts of whips, whips, shackles, handcuffs and other equipment. Also there was a barrel with a soak in it with rods.
- An impressive arsenal of you even have a whip soaked.
- The rod is always soaked, I really do not use them very often, but once in two weeks, we go into the forest with a slave, and it updates the bars, with he harvests them, and I'll check. The rod must be always at hand, suddenly I want them to punish the animal. Rab is constantly looking to ensure that they are well soaked.
- Here we are now, and they will use.
- I agree with you, Yulia, the more serious offense he committed. Crawl, the dog to the machine.
- How do we punish? - Vick asked Julia.
- I think that we will not bother, iskhleschem him with rods, but to tear the skin.
Sergei crawled over to the machine, his head and hands, he put in the slot, Madam closed the second half of the board, as a slave, was completely immobilized, but his back was fully open.
- Shire feet.
Sergei spread his legs wide as he could, with the cuffs at the ankles, Julia and Vika attach it to the hooks that were present in the floor.
- Well, get down.
The girls went to the keg and took on the rod. He is waving them in the air to check how they bend. Before servant reached the sound, as if the air was cut in half. He realized that this could be his last sentence, after which it can not survive.
Julia came to the first servant, she could not wait to try the rod, it is in my life, enjoy the many whips, stkami, whips, etc., but with rods, once. She was very curious how a person carries whip blows, and what they leave marks on the body. She struck the floor strength ass Sergei, and though the impact was not particularly strong, Sergei felt his skin badly burned. Then it struck harder on the slave's body was formed red scar. Julia began to enter into the taste, she began to strike with full force, from severe pain slave cried in a loud voice. Victoria also came to the servant.
- Vic, this pig so much screaming, if it is cut, let's close him something to fall.
- I also get on your nerves him scream.
Victoria took a gag shelves in the form of a penis in her mouth and stuck servant. Buttoning straps gag on his head, Lady said:
- All Yul, you no longer hear the cries of vile beast. And, for what you suchnok much yelling and gave us the discomfort, do not expect mercy.
She also took the rod and struck the slave back bounce. Now Sergei felt blows on both sides, they fell upon him hail, he felt like the skin peel from his body. Girls, meanwhile, increasingly entered into the taste, they replaced the whip, whip first, and then began to whip lashes. Sergei nothing did not realize from the unbearable pain, and one of his desire was to die now. Vick, seeing the condition of a servant, decided to stop the execution.
- Yuille, it's time to stop, and then the pig will not be able to serve us, and I do not want to do anything herself.
- I agree girlfriend, and we have worked so good, I really like it izrisoval flogging and whipping body. Vsyo still whip is a good thing, I'm now going to use them constantly on their slaves.
Ms. undid a slave to the machine, he collapsed on the floor and lay motionless, I could not move away from a painful shock. Victoria turned to her friend:
- Yuille, until the animal wakes up, let's go have a drink of wine.
And then she threw the servant:
- I'll give you fifteen minutes to come to himself, put himself another ten minutes in order pomoesh cold water ubershsya here and twenty five minutes you are at our feet, we will continue to serve.
The girls hugged each other and went to continue the fun. Sergei heard the words of Lady, a blur, he was sick, severely dizzy, every slightest movement caused him unbearable pain. He lay for a little more, with great difficulty, got up and barely made it to Ellen soul in his closet. Sergei knew that if he is in time and quality does not comply with an order of his mistress, the penalty will be the strongest.
Standing under the cold water, he washed the blood off the first water brought relief, but it was so cold that chills went through his body, he felt like a thousand invisible needles stuck into it from all sides. Coming out of the shower, slave obtrsya rag that served him instead of towels. Then he went into the room, where he received his punishment, there podtr blood, put in order the machine, all removed and laid out in places and crawled on his knees to his Lady. Crawl was very difficult, he, his pain and weakness crept into the room, where the Vick Julia, crawled to the couch on which sat the girl stopped a meter away from them, head down to the floor.
They were talking to each other, not noticing standing in front of them kolennopreklonnogo person. Finally Julia Victoria said:
- That's our doggie granted.
- This is good, and the bad without servants, and did you get disciplined, not for one second late. I hate to slaves laxity and strictly for their Karan is my knowing my character, trying not to make mistakes.
- Rab pour our wine glasses, - Sergey ordered Vick.
He got on his knees ... took from the table a bottle of wine and poured it in a glass of lady.
They drank wine and looked at Sergei.
- Vic, and we painted the well.
- The next time you will know how to make a reservation with the hostess. But this is his punishment is not over, continue later.
- With pleasure Vic.
- I do not want you to think I'm very gently to his slave.
- What are you talking about, I know you and never know and would not have thought.
They drank wine and talked about their own affairs. Hex, Victoria continue to offer guests more torture slave.
- Of course a friend, you know that I'm ready around the clock to torture these bastards called men, how I hate them all.
- Rab you have heard, our guest wants to have fun, and we, as hospitable hosts, should not deny her this.
Sergei thought to myself that the next humiliation he no longer endure, but it remained nothing to do, how to accept their fate.
- Vikus, I wanted to use the toilet as your slave react, if I go into his mouth.
- Favor, the more his opinion nobody cares. Honey, I too always use the toilet instead.
- So, it is you and it is trained, it's good.
- You insult me, what is then needed a slave, if Lady to do everything herself. In my concept of the servant is needed in order to make life easier for his Mistress, performing all her mental and mental desires and fantasies.
- I with you completely agree, we were born lady, this we have been incorporated since childhood. Do you remember at school in front of us all the fawning classmates, including boys and girls, and then we realized what a real power.
- I remember how this can be forgotten when after school we had to clean up the class, and how in his place we got to do it Lidka. I remember how she stood in front of us on his knees and begged him not to hit her, but her special request has no effect on you.
- You, too, Vic, was deaf to her moans.
- It was our first slave, a thrill I felt when it beat by stupid face. When there were no parents, she always cleaned at home. Many can remember what we did to her.
- How is it that the memories came flooding back to you.
- I do not know, so I remembered something. I wonder where this Lidka, after school I did not once see.
- I need it to you?
- It is not, like her, now I can get hold of as much as necessary. But on occasion, if I saw her, I would have certainly remembered old.
- Vic we speak, I have now will pour out of his ears. Rab that hung their ears, shall take office toilet. Gently lowered my panties, and I warn you, if they will, at least one drop of urine, I will punish you so that you will remember me with great dread.
Sergei crawled over to Julia, very cautiously raised a very short leather mini skirt and began to not cause any discomfort Mistress, lower a little her panties from the finest silk. Pants were very expensive, good quality, Sergei immediately realized this during his slavery, he learned to distinguish lingerie. Since Ms. sat on the couch and did not think to help the servant, Sergei was not easy to take off her panties, without causing her discomfort, but despite it, no matter what coped well with the task.
- Wick, became a slave to be corrected, that's why we were punished, it is necessary more often this was done, then all will be the perfect slave. Dog, come on now accept myself, my divine drink.
Sergey lips clung to her delicious smelling pisechki, opened his mouth and tongue gently began to stroke the clitoris, to Ms. could relax. Once in the mouth came the first drop of urine, he removed the language of the clitoris, and focused on how to swallow the whole stream, without missing a single drop past the mouth. Julie peed in your mouth slave and felt unearthly pleasure, she always liked the process of degradation of man. When the last drop of golden nectar fell from the lips of beautiful Lady, the servant began his tongue to wipe her pussy. Julia was very pleased with the efforts of a slave. When he had finished licking pussy and put her panties, with again did it expertly, so that Julia is not even a millimeter did not move from his seat. Looking at the slave and her friend, Victoria wanted to do the same.
- Looking at you, I also wanted to pee, slave is now delivering a pleasure to his mistress.
Sergei quickly crawled to the Lady and the same as that of Julia took in her mouth all of its allocation.
- Vic, did you get a born toilet.
- Did I do it so I to train him, at first he did a lot of mistakes, but the stick did the trick.
- My friend, believe me, I'm your efforts have not been in vain, you did very well behaved.
- I am pleased to hear that, especially from you. Well, let's go on now to continue the punishment, I promised the servant that is not all over.
- With great pleasure.
- The serf, crawl over us in the cellar, - said Victoria servant.
They gracefully stood up from the couch and not paying any attention to the slave slowly went into the room of punishments. Rab moved on tracks for his tormentor, trying to keep up with them. Going down to the basement again, Victoria turned to Julia:
- How are we going to punish that idiot.
- I think you have to try his body, and member of electricity.
- Great idea, for a long time he had not received electrical discharges. Heard servant that waits for you. Come prepared for punishment.
Sergei knew what it meant, he put on his leg brace, in the middle of which was a small ring, in which he put his carbine winch. Then Madame told him to put his hands behind his back, bent at the elbows, and firmly tied their belts.
- Yuille, now this pig is ready for punishment, - with these words, she went to the table made him the remote and pressed the button.
The chain, which is lying on the floor, began to rise up and soon the servant was hanging upside down, helpless, with widely divorced his feet and hands tied behind their backs. Vick took the clamps, put one on a limb, the other on the slave eggs.
- Vic would not hurt to his nipples and connect electricity.
- Did.
She hung a couple of crocodiles servant nipples, then all the clips that were put on the wire to the machine, let's talk. Turn on the machine to the network, she said to her friend:
- Since you are my guest, and then you start.
- With great pleasure, I'd like to deliver as much as possible the pain of the creature.
She spun the handle, which gave power, more than half, the sharp pain and discharge, which pierced the body, Sergei dramatically arched and cried.
- Why are you yelling, punishment is not even started, I just filed a little electricity.
Vick also intervened:
- Rab, you were not allowed to cry, I will not stop up your vile throat gag, but what are you stronger and more you scream, harder and longer will be your punishment.
- Yulia, you'll apply a voltage to the body of the animal, and this time I'll whip him, and then swapped.
- I agree, not bad you came up with.
With these words, she gave another bit on the slave's body. Meanwhile, Victoria took the whip, but he was not exactly traditional. It was a thin metal wire, woven wire, which was at the end of the loop, which is worn on the hand. Seeing this cable, Julia was greatly surprised.
- Wow, Vic, what do you have, have I never seen.
- Trust me very effective thing, after this training a slave, he is willing to do for you anything you want, as long as you never did not take into the hands of the rope.
Sergei only once experienced the iron whip, but its effect has filled for life. Then the hostess tried it on him when bought, to know what it has an effect on the slave. Today it is understood that the punishment is terrible indeed. Now, his body pierced electricity charges and hitting a metal cable. And ... Julia, sent the maximum current, and Vick inflicted indiscriminate blows all over his body with full force. The slave could not scream, he first tried to hold back, but then the pain he thought he would go insane, and he shouted in a loud voice, he was already all the same, that the said lady, he thought more than this punishment greater will not be. Suddenly everything stopped abruptly, but the respite was short-lived, girls are reversed now Vick struck shock and Julia - the whip. Sergei was hard to endure this punishment, it has not yet passed the pain of the last rod, which also left tangible traces on his body. He no longer screamed and rattled against the pain. All his body constitute a single bruise as strikes rope literally tore the skin. In my head buzzing, he was hung upside down and twitching under the blows, like a worm. Finally, his tormentor torture stopped.
- Yuille, enough until the carrot and the current time to do, how it should be insignificant member.
- I completely agree with you, it is necessary to tear off this animal all his personal belongings.
Sergei shuddered with horror, he knew that these sadistok not stop anything, and they may actually carry out his threat.
- You can tear off and, if you want.
- No, today we will not do it, will be a lot of blood, had to be prepared in advance. See a slave, what are your good Mistress, we leave you to your pathetic cock, more precisely the tiny appendage, what you call a member. But this is easier you will not, you will feel real pain. Vikus where to start.
- While a slave hanging, I think we should beat his penis and testicles plastic tickers.
- Excellent offer.
- But first it is necessary to pull the rope all his household.
Victoria took a rope, it is strongly tied testicles, penis noose tightened and tugged the rope, pain slave twitched involuntarily.
- You can twitch as you want, you are completely in our power, and nothing will save you from punishment.
With that, she moved away from the servant, and picked up the two plastic ruler. One she gave her friend, another left itself.
- Yulk proceed to punish the bastard, you hit on a member, and I'm going to beat the balls, then let's switch.
It dealt a severe blow to the balls, Julia too long wondered beginning to hit the slave member. They beat slowly, evenly, each hit, trying to apply, as much as possible and that he would bring the slave maximum pain. Causing every fifteen strokes, they are reversed. From painful shock Sergey already did not realize anything, his mind is completely turned off.
He woke up lying on the floor by the fact that someone kicked his foot to the side. Opening his eyes, he saw in front of her mistress. Beautiful face Vicki, was filled with anger.
- Slave get up, get up on your feet, you specifically decided to shut down, so as not to feel the pain, but nothing is what we are now correct.
Sergey hastened to execute the order of his mistress, but he succeeded with great difficulty, so very sick cock and balls. Victoria helped him to rise, with the force of a hand pulling her hair.
He was beaten, humiliated in front of his tormentor.
- Kozel, kindle your feet as much as possible, Julia and I in turn will strike his foot on your personal belongings after our attacks you must stand if you fall off, it would follow other punishment, the more times you fall, the more will be punished.
She spat in the face of a servant, Julia, too, is repeated.
- Vic, come drink a little bit, and then the throat is already dry.
- Pour a friend, why not, it is necessary to gain strength before the slave torture.
They drank a glass of wine. Vick went to the servant and her elegant shoe with all the force crashed into a slave eggs. The blow Sergei stood only slightly staggered. Immediately he received the next blow, but from Julia. This time, he doubled over in pain, he.
- Scum, straightened, vividly - the shout was followed by a strict Mistress.
Victoria relish dealt another blow from which the slave could not resist and fell to the floor.
- Stand up, creature, quickly.
Sergei stood up and immediately it struck a blow from Julia. Again he fell to the floor. The girls liked to beat a defenseless man. Several beats Sergey survived on his feet, but mostly, he kept falling, every time it was more difficult to climb off the floor to his feet. He was beaten eggs swollen and reddened, pain in the groin was excruciating, but it seemed a little tormentor.
- Insignificance, I told you that you fell as low as possible, but you ignored my words, within ten minutes you get to the last sentence today. We take both hands on the whip, and ten minutes without stopping will beat you. As I came up with Yul?
- This is called playing four hands, fine, but I'm afraid of Vic, we zabem, suddenly had to stop the heart from a painful shock, so I died a slave.
- Yulia, do you become a slave to regret, it is not like you.
- Not at all, to me not a bit sorry, you know perfectly well that I do not consider slaves for the people, it is only the things that do not have any rights. Just do not want to mess with him if he accidentally kick in.
- Nothing is not with him, but if not survive, so this is his destiny, nothing can be done.
- How many times have I told you that you need to have several slaves, who will now have to serve, after the execution, he is unlikely to be able to something, and now it is of little avail, before us is a useless body.
- I am sure I will consider your wishes and the head a couple more slaves. I myself think about it, a slave to me is not enough.
- That's right.
- Yul enough talk, choose an instrument of punishment, while I tie a slave, and that he does not keep his feet.
She went to lie on the floor to Sergey, roughly grabbed his hair and pulled him to the chain that hung from the ceiling. Forcing raise slave hands, Victoria by handcuffs hooked shotgun and pulled the remote chain, so that Sergei was stretched. He had to stand on tiptoe, as Mrs. greatly raised the chain. She made specifically to the slave could not stand on his heels, thereby tightening the punishment. He was completely open to their mistresses.
- I chose a Whip, and the slave has been waiting for. A good choice of a girlfriend.
Julia took stk leather and thin leather whip, Vick took two plastic sticks.
- Let us proceed to the last stage of our punishment, I timed ten minutes.
They started flogging a slave girl was beaten all over the body, not missing not a single area, Sergey has already overcome a painful shock, his brain shut down, and it almost did not feel anything. Ten minutes passed, the girls finished the beating, they are uncoupled from the slave circuit, Vic gave him final instructions.
- Good, I taught you a lesson today, they do not listen and otovaritsya with his Mistress, you gadnysh pretentious. Hour you recover pomoesh, privedsh myself up here as all pribersh and pripolzsh to our room, you still will be useful to us for the night. I'm telling the truth Yulia.
- Of course Vic.
She hugged her friend, and they kissed and went upstairs, leaving the battered slave lying on the dirt floor of the basement. Such penalties Sergei has never been, and he lay crying in frustration, he was so full of promise specialist and Victoria Pavlovna broken, trampled on it, turning it into a thing. He had no longer anything in life, there were no rights, he completely belonged to her mistress, and it depended on the slightest whims.
Chapter Six.
It took time healed wounds, but the attitude of the slave Victoria Pavlovna has not changed, but only worse, she did not consider him as a man. He needed it just to do all the housework, and serve its needs. It is increasingly said that it is tired of it, and it's time to start another slave, and even better a few.
- Stupid slave, how can you make me sick - she said Sergei.
- It's time to get rid of you, but you do not expect to freedom ... you have in front of me the debt, I should also like to compensate at least a little, what you stole from me. I'll Irke selling, it has the slave, but to you it is not indifferent, it is now already has more rank in the prosecutor's office. It has changed a lot, become very domineering, I do not envy her slave, and you if popadsh to it. And, you can put in a closed auction of slaves, somebody, so buy it. I still think that you continue to do, and while I was looking for a new slave and slave, you will continue to serve me. Maybe I'll leave you to yourself, wait and see. Now go and wash my car, I'm going to go in the evening to unwind. Wash it as follows sodium polish so shone. Go, serf, and I was a little podremlyu.
Sergey went to the garage, rolled out a black Mercedes Victoria, placed him in a special room for the washing machine. First, he carefully washed the inside of the machine, processed leather interior, panel, with a special compound, vacuumed. He tried very hard, because I knew that if the hostess will find in the car, even a small speck, it will make him lick the whole interior language. Having dealt with the salon, he moved to the washing machine body. Spraying water out of the machine the machine, he sprayed on the car a huge number of car shampoo, giving it a little stand, a special sponge machine washed and washed his contactless sink and began to dry it thoroughly Mercedes rubberized cloth. He washed the car and thought about the future prospects that he drew Madame. His terrified what will come, if he was still hope for freedom, after today's conversation with Mrs. he realized that he would have to be a slave to the end of his days.
Of his thoughts back to the reality of a severe blow to the whip on his back. Ms. walked so softly that the slave did not notice her presence.
- Rab, you really earn that do not hear, as I approached.
Sergei immediately knelt down and began to kiss the feet of the Lady.
- You'll be a long time, wash the car, do not forget that you have a lot to do. You have to help me pack.
- Madam, I end up, I not much left.
- Look at me, if I am not satisfied with the quality of washing, I live with you hide launched, giving you exactly ten minutes and waiting for you at home.
She gracefully spun on his heels and went into the house.
Ten minutes later, Sergei already kneeling in front of his mistress, his eyes on the floor.
- Help me get dressed, though I have not yet decided what to wear.
Rab started to help Victoria to dress, but before you choose clothes for the evening, she was re-measure with the help of slave bunch of things until you pick up that satisfied her taste. Wearing Lady, slave, helped her do her hair, apply makeup. When Victoria was fully assembled, she gave Sergei final instructions.
- While I will not have you to be bored, and you will not suffer from idleness, vymoesh floors on the first floor and in every room, so there was not a speck of dust, I'll be sure to check it, but you know how I test.
After the departure of Sergei Lady navl perfect order in the house. Victoria came in the second half of the night. The slave hurried to meet his mistress, he opened the gate, ran outside to open the door in front of her car. Ms. without paying the slightest attention to the servant, went into the house, Sergei helped her undress, took off her shoes and crawled like a dog, holding slippers in his mouth, and put them in her lovely legs.
- Rab today I have decided your fate, I sold you, and now you belong to the new Lady. She is familiar to you, is a former investigator, now the deputy prosecutor of the city Lazareva Irina. We met with her today, and she suggested that I you as a slave, to which she agreed, with great pleasure. She paid me for you the amount that you remained, I should now my duty to you will work in front of her. Tomorrow she will personally come in the morning for you, so I have you sleep last night. Now help me to go to bed, and he lay down beside him on the floor, the last time I allow you to sleep next to his bed.
Sergey helped his mistress to lie down, and he lay down beside her bed. He could not sleep, tomorrow it waited for a new life, that it frightened and at the same time, he did not care, he now did not belong to himself, the rest of his life he would be a slave, now a new owner, but this is quite different history.

House number "Point". Family idyll.

"Stepanych calls, again something interesting will"- I thought.
- Dimasik, hello, how life?
- Norma, how are you? For a long time it was not, I was hungry.
- I tell you right now, this proposal will make you fall.
- Come on.
- Sergey invited, but not just invited. Give us a break, and his younger wife, so get ready tomorrow. At seven in the evening with them, I'll come.
We went to the street to Stepanitch earrings Vladimirovich. As it turned out, he was with Andrew for the weekend out of town, and the pre-agreed with his wife, invited us.
The door opened a blonde, slightly chubby, short stature. Face serious.
- Dima and Pavnl Stepanovich?
- Yes.
His face immediately changed, there was a lustful smile.
- Come on.
- And you ...- began Stepanovich.
- I'm Svetlana, a Light.
Light was dressed in a silk dressing gown, long, almost to the toe.
We entered. Huge apartment on two levels, leather, wood, everything looked expensive.
- Sasha was not at home, will be eight. And you simpatichnye.Uzhe gochetsya.
- Well, if you want, Light, then I have just received - pointedly remarked Pasha.
Svta removed the robe, standing in the middle of a huge living room and remained in the buff. Large Your tender body with small folds attracted softness and tenderness.
- And you're done, good girl - I was praised.
- Take off his pants, guys, I want to see your goals, - said Light.
Two men with prominent members of the larger medium-sized After a couple of seconds before the light stand.
- Wow, I somehow okay, and how small?
- Podrastyanem your little, do not be afraid, we are in this business professionals - said Stepanovich - Let's suck Dima.
Light began in front of me on my knees and took me in her mouth.
- Oh, hot mouth, I -prokmmentiroval - pussy probably not too cold?
- My pussy is already flowing, boys.
- Then it becomes crustaceans - asked Pasha.
Light has become a cancer on the huge white skin of an unknown animal and offered us its charms.
Light continued to suck me when Pasha had set over her vagina his penis and slowly pushed inside.
Light surprise to her mouth and bit my penis.
- Are you that bitch doing? Took another.
- I'm sorry, dear, - mumbled through a groan of Light.
We fucked Light tight, the full program, my penis Light took fully into the mouth and throat, the head of the grease and flowed together with Svetynoy saliva whipped foam which is light, from time to time, swallowed. Pasha also slapped eggs on Svetkin charms, inserting his thumb into her anus. Light liked it languidly mumbling and moaning, her third breast size with pale pink nipples swayed to the beat of the Flank shocks.
- Pash, let's change it, - I said.
We have changed. LIGHT Pasha licked member, all udelat in her juices, and I began to peck her wet and warm vagina.
The door opened a crack in the doorway appeared the guy's face.
- And, son, are you? Mom was waiting for you later.
- I see what is happening helplessly I looked at the guy.
- Come on, do not be shy, your Nurse at all enough, -priglasil Man Stepanovich - you probably Sanya, Dad told me about you, we are his friends, so let's together make a good mom.
- Okay.
The guy walked into the room and began to undress. He looked about eighteen and real, such a young age, nothing is betrayed.
- Share Uncle Pasha his cock - I said, fucking light.
- Yes, Sanya, show.
Sasha undressed and we saw his penis.
Thin, long, stringy pod with a big head. This we have not seen the Pasha.
- Wow, cool, you have a trunk, my friend, let him in, and Pasha opened his mouth.
Man without hesitation put his gizmo at Pasha.
- Like how it sucks - I asked.
- Yes.
Pasha tried licking member along the entire length and sucked scarlet head.
Now Sasha Pasha kept his head and had it in his mouth.
- See what your sonny, Mommy? - I asked.
- Yes, I have it done.
- Sanya, want to little mamma poelozit - I asked.
The boy hesitated.
- Go son to me, fuck nurse, wanted the same because for a long time, I'm sure.
Sasha freed Pasha mouth and I gave him a place. Man stabbed mother very long penis and began to fuck my mother slowly.
- Bitch, where did you get such a long term -stonala mother - in a small folder, in Andryukha also different.
I ordered the Pasha to change the balance of power, and cancer sitting face to face with light, framed Pasha your ass.
-A. My favorite maneuver, I have missed for your zhopku.
Pasha began to slowly push into me his gizmo, and I gently kissed the Light, licking her tongue, and giving her his.
Sasha fucking mummy and me Pasha. Thick trunk hollowed my rear opening.
- And your little as lucky as I am, 'I said Light.
- Well, I agree - she moaned into my face.
Sasha drove his cock into my mother a couple of times and finished.
- Well done, synulka, well done - praised my mother's son, now the rest. Sasha took a member and sat on the couch. He rested a short time, the young body immediately reacted to the event and his cock stood up again.
- Pash, give it me, let him study, - I said Pasha.
- Of course.
- Go low, insert me something, I -poprosil Sasha. Sasha put to me without delay. I could only moan, his long cock flashed me a little if not to the throat.
- Come on, move, -Full version I specify the frozen surprise Sasha.
Sasha began to move, he took me by the hips and became even more intnsivnee peck me in the ass.
- And more fun to fuck guy - Sasha said.
- That's right - supported him - not cool, just the buzz is different.
Pasha put a, a member to the ass Amy, and she rolled her eyes, I knew he was inside it. Tears flowed from the eyes of the world, she does not hold back, she sobbed and moaned with pleasure.
Pasha woman fucked in the ass, occasionally pulling from it a thick end and forcing the air out of her, causing a loud farts.
- Well done, girl, air exits are not afraid, - commented Pasha.
Sasha fucked me well and for a long time, until I came into me, finally drove his number on the eggs to me. I almost cried.
Sasha took his dick out of me and lay down beside him.
- You're a giant, I -pohvalil him and began to suck dick limp slippery. Sasha just closed my eyes and enjoyed, and I licked his balls and shaft over the entire length.
- Okay, kid, do not relax, flip - and I turned the guy in the stomach.
I climbed on top of him and put his penis to anus, and then slowly began to press on the head sphincter. Member tumbled slowly in the ass and put his victim to a spot eggs, extending the entire length of the body of Sasha. Sasha moaned softly.
- Good chuvststvuesh himself - asked I- How's your slut mom that Pasha fuck in the ass, and you now fuck off.
I wanted to break this guy so I Leaky it in full. A member of a Man got up and he just lifted the ass, began to masturbate.
He endured long, finished right on the white skin where it happened.
- Oh, Mom, your mat - Sasha moaned.
- Yes dick with it - moaning of Light - this is garbage, bitching fuck, dick on the mat vsralsya.
- Yes, me too cool fuck - moaning man.
I got a dick and ass Sasha and his ass huge gaping red hole.
- Oh, well - Sasha moaned.
And I re-introduced to a member of his depth ass.
-Oh, it was good, but now bitching - man cried
- Now it's your ass exactly like pussy, you'll shit for a collection, because it is to fall out when walking.
- Will not be.
- Right now Pasha podoydet- will.
- Damn, you want to fuck my boy this thing, - moaning Light - I could barely tolerate.
- Do not you be patient, relax, - I encouraged her - my no less now and to your fucking ass would get.
Light subsided and only ... more rhythmically became podmahivat Stepanych backwards.
- Pash, take it, and I zadolbalsya, practice it.
Pasha pulled out one member of asses, and put in the hole, has not yet had time to shut down the other. Pasha tried fairly, Svetyna ass was burning like a torch, and I proceeded to burn it. Jerks, I was part of the entire length, loud and painful slapping eggs on her vagina. Light continued to cry and squirm, exposing his ass to meet me.
Sasha was silent, he was lying with his eyes closed and moaning softly.
-Vyebli me and my son, motherfuckers - shouting mother.
- Shut up, bitch, and buzz, and it will soon go away, kid you not give this pleasure - I threatened.
- No, boys, do not go, stay, to have sex yet, so well never be.
- Will we leave you telefonchik.
Sasha vzdrochnul yet finished. Pasha left the guy with the broken-down with a point on the floor and lay down under the mother by inserting it in the vagina. Our members were moving through a thin partition wall between the vagina and the anus, and the light was just in a trance. She expressed the dirty, something muttered incoherently, occasionally twitching and konvulsiruya from frequent and continuous orgasms.
- What a bitch, fuck with cool normal members? 'I asked.
- Yes, boys, fuck, - moaning Light.
At the same time stood up, and put the lights on his knees, we in turn Pasha shoved in your mouth Light members, giving suck to then, the fountain of hot semen splash her face, chest, and her favorite rug.
Light lapped up every last drop and swallowed.
- Thank you, boys, I'll feed you now, -Heavy breathing Light said, standing in front of us on the knees and both hands holding members.
- Nenad better have a drink forbid.
Light, as it was gone in the next room and brought a bottle of Martini and a few beers.
- That's it - Pasha breathed, falling onto the couch, -Sanek, glotni.
The guy sat down beside him.
- And you suck, the evening is not over - I ordered the Light.
Rastrepanaya Light turns sucking us, and we sat on the couch, sipping cold drinks.
We finished on time and gave Svte relax.
We wildly tired and wanted to sleep, Light all prepared and offered us to pack.
- Pash, with whom you will - I asked.
- With small.
- Oh, just like slut. Come dear.
Throughout the night from the neighboring bedroom turn came the groans that Pasha is Sasha, and the excitation light Leaky your ass with my cock, jumping on me in a pose rider. She tried really logo, I finished three times, with a few interruptions.
- Light, mouth open, - I asked the Light.
Light thought for the next extraction.
- Swallow everything - and I squirted into her mouth salty urine.
Light eagerly pushed my cock deeper and pour the hot liquid from the bottle toward her stomach. I went down for long. Light dropped my cock out of his mouth and went to the toilet.
When he returned, she kissed me svzhim holdnyh breath and lips pressed softly whispered:
- In Maine has never been such a fucking and that Ssali mouth, vomit all, teeth brushed, and to thee, - and a moment later she fell asleep.
Light peacefully asleep, I quietly got up and went into the kitchen. Pasha hollowed anus Sasha, lying back on the kitchen table.
- Not mychi, mother wake - sentenced Stepanych and Sasha restrained struggle.
- Good morning - I greeted the guys.
- Hello - in unison they responded.
Pasha groaned, and when he had finished, removed from his cock ass. On the floor of the stream flowed sperm gouging anus Sasha.
- Cool guy, but as a mother - asked Stepanovich.
- Too anything, poured into her mouth at night.
- Beauty - praised Pasha.
- Well, that home soon, and I'm tired, I want to relax.
- Yes, I, too, - he agreed.
We woke up the Light and drinking a cup of coffee, began slowly to dress.
- Here you guys - Light stretching money - Sergei said a thousand, but I give a half, it was cool.
We did not give up.
- Now a small mom nasuet - Stepanovich laughed when we went to the elevator.
- Yes, I do not envy her, and then my husband and son still attached, in general porut it in full.
- Dim, hello - again called Stepanovich, - Sergey called, thanks, says they get up there is, light for a second rest do not give, Jam her to death, well, let the buzz.
- Yes, it is now fun, with three fellows every day.
- Yes they are, and at night it is not allowed to sleep peacefully, though they now also offer large it is worn on the hands. Serge has bought a bed, and there they all four went to tear up and is now a full mommy pop, so that said, if you come in Galway interesting thoughts, be sure to pick up.
- Well, I always agree.
- Well, all right now.
- So far, Stepanovich.

Cheating my wife. The first story. Photographer

I'll start with the banal. With those words that all begin erotic stories, and with those words in which I myself had never believed. Something like, "despite the fact that it looks unlikely, it's all the truth." So, I hope everything will be written here, will look plausible, because the way it was with me personally. I'll tell you about it in chronological order, but in the history, in which I learned about all of this.
About three years ago, after five years of a happy life together, our relationship with his wife became more and more get out of order. The reasons are probably many, but the main thing that really must be confessed, was that I lost interest in it in bed. And despite the fact that my Xenia - a beautiful and sexy woman. Long slim legs, awesome cool hip with a prodigious ass, beautiful tummy, small and pert breasts protruding, sensuous lips, brown eyes - a full set for the hero-lover. However, all boring. And I once pall.
Change I did not like and did not want to, because I loved her still, only passion faded. She was very temperamental, and even in our hard times all the time flirting with men, as always told me. Relationships have always been frank, in addition to her stories about how she nearly took the man in the street, and she was ready to give the young man, whose head over heels in love, really brightened up our family life. In general, it was all fun and without change.
And yet one day I too became interested in the work and completely ceased to give her attentions. I do not notice the frankness between us and disappeared, and when came to his senses and saw that we were too broke away to establish all the circumstances prevented.
It turned out that we had to move to another city because of work. And because she had to learn to zaochke another year, we decided that I would go first, and it is in two months I will catch up. Then she will need once more to go to the defense of the diploma, and the trick is done. So they decided.
Two months later she called me a little, and I tried, but somehow it is not the topic. But when she finally arrived, I decided after all to build relationships and began to care for her, miss. And she melted. It has become more sensitive, candid. And once, during some special tide of tenderness she suddenly said: "You know, I'm so done, you probably throw me ...." At first I was stunned, but did not let on, waved. He said something like "never give up" and all that. I thought that even to speak, but she was silent. I waited for some time, even in courtship activity diminished, but Xenia if forgotten his words. So I decided to wait.
All again entered into a rut, the desire for it has fallen again. But the feeling that something had happened when she complete their education, are not held. And once I had a chance to make sure that I'm right ...
Once she stuck the stick in the computer, something to lose. And I saw there the folder "Photo". I say: "What is there for the pictures." A Ksenia immediately retired to the background: "Oh, garbage, junk all." Lying is, of course, is not able to completely, or do I have it so good to know that immediately realized: there is something important. Was tempted to enter the flash drive on the first night, she fell asleep, but I picked up a bad habit since childhood: do not delve into things, even the closest people. So I never climbed into her phone and did not open the e-mail.
Chance gave it to me herself. Accidentally or intentionally, still I do not know, but once you leave the flash drive in a computer. Unfinished. It is her style: absent-mindedness - its alter ego, in her distraction there is even some charming. And she gave me shans.Ya judged so that left once, then there is nothing forbidden, and see photos of his wife told God himself. And I opened the folder.
Prior to that, I had wandered vague thoughts about her infidelity. But they were so ephemeral that I had no idea that I can see in this folder. And that's what it was. The first pictures were naked Ksyusha (earlier in the nude pictures of her just me), lying in various positions, being covered only rose, and in some places even a picture. I've already got a stake because it allowed someone to take pictures of yourself! There were pictures in which she undresses for this photo shoot, fun and playfully removes jeans, pulls stockings (she loves to wear them all the time), then her blouse and panties. I was faint with jealousy and mixed in her excitement, but I saw that there a few individual photo sessions. And he began to look further.
Next it was even steeper. Ksenia lay on the bed next to the blond girl. They Fota with her in various poses, revealing the unknown until the photographer. I was burning with excitement. But here, it seems, the blonde took the camera in his hand, and appeared in a scene the photographer. Completely naked. And they were pictured on Ksjushej bed scenes of passion. I have been in touch. Someone was holding her naked in his arms. I was torn apart by jealousy and jealousy that unimaginable way excited me. The blood pounded in his temples, and even much lower, causing throbbing member who has just crashed out of his pants.
However, I was still hope that all this is just a photo. Staged mischief. Not treason, which suddenly became so real and frightening.
And then there was the next photo shoot. More specifically, a photo. of the photographer, sitting facing the camera and back to him. Her face was full of ecstasy. On the other it had the same pose, but they are still kissing passionately. My body was torn by jealousy and excitement. I was shocked. And thus he began to masturbate vigorously, after which the sperm gushed a fountain, splashing the floor and tights.
Closing the stick, I moved away from the table. Photos terribly aroused me, and take this excitement could not masturbate. Member again was worse than ever, but now I would like that have the power to sink it in the wrong Mean Girls. We sometimes had sex in the bathroom, we loved this place. The truth had long been anything sensible there was not only in the bathroom, but also in general. And I decided to use the old method of seduction: Ksyusha awakened and led wash. And there's just attacked her.
She was glad such unexpected rush of passion on my part, and I fucked her with all his might, with slaps entering it in the "cancer", admiring unexpectedly new to me, back and buttocks. As soon as I think that it been someone else, as the excitement grew even stronger, and I fucked her even harder, making Xenia became not just moaning and screaming almost in full voice. Finally I finished and came out of it. We domylis and went to sleep.
She fell asleep at once, and all the lying and thinking what to do now? Then still I had no idea how far actually came my missus. It is much more innocent sex with a photographer in his car ...
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